Friday, September 14, 2007

Nike Judge The Mood Just Right

It's England v South Africa in the Rugby World Cup tonight, our most important match for 4 years.

I love this Nike tactical ad, scanned from today's Sport magazine.

A manly yet honest thought - "Yes, we're going to lose, but we can at least go down fighting" and an awesomely bombastic 'they shall not pass' -type image.

One thing though. Lawrence Dallaglio is gurning something rotten, like he's just dropped a couple of E's. I do hope he hasn't.


SchizoFishNChimps said...

Aah yes, "They shall not pass". Wasn't that said by Marshal Petain? And look what happened to him.
But seriously, good ad, and the bullish posing works a lot better with rugby players than with those overpaid ponces in the other England team that kicks a ball.

william said...

There's a huge one of these over Shepherds Bush Green which stopped me in my tracks this morning. I don't even like rugby, but what a rallying cry.

Anonymous said...

I must admit, I winced when I saw your pool.

Win or lose, facing the Tongans, Tha Samoans and the South Africans on the trot is not something I'd wish on my worst enemies (or even the Wallabies).

I imagine they'll soon have quite a good idea how tenderised meat feels.

Adam Atkinson said...

Almost as stirring as,er,this:

And in our hearts, I think we know what could be relied upon more.

Anonymous said...

Shame the England team did give up without a fight. We capitulated quicker and more cravenly than our soccer team normally does. And that's saying something because they are all overpaid girls.
Our sporting teams never seem to live up to the bombast of our media.

Anonymous said...

er..getting the mood just right?


egg on face?