Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hidden Gems Of D&AD

So the Annual's been out a few days now, I've had a sift through.

Not too painful this time. There's an unbelievable amount of non-UK work in there, which doesn't have the power to upset me like a great ad by someone I know does.

Anyway, here's my hidden gems - ads that were not multi-award winners at all the big shows, but which nevertheless are, in my opinion, great.

(You may need to click on some of the images to make them bigger)

Topical, hilarious. Love it. And I'm a vegetarian.

A profound thought, about peace being fragile. And very poignant images. Plus I love the contrast of making a hand grenade out of something as gentle and staid as Wedgewood.

I've always loved really detailed, complex images. The autistic side of the male brain, I suppose.

Death is always funny.

I think this is my favourite one of all. It's unbelievably cheeky, and yet unarguable. In case you can't read the small type, the idea is this: the South African anti-piracy organisation made their own pirate DVD's, and sold them at markets. But their videos stopped after five minutes. And then displayed an anti-piracy message, and a 'thank you for your donation to the anti-piracy cause' tag. What a gotcha.

Finally, this one's from my good friends at Lunar BBDO. Surprising, and appropriately shocking. 'Nuff rispeck, guys.


Lunar BBDO said...

I've already spent today moaning about the annual so I might leave it till tomorrow to put your VW brochure in our blog (ah, the beautiful circle-jerk that is advertising).

I would tell you how much I like it but I can't even read the bloody thing. Bloody stupid bloody crap bloody annual designers.

Anonymous said...

where do these brilliant creatives get their ideas from?


Scamp said...

Good spot.

Interestingly enough, this campaign only got in the book for typography. And the typography was the only thing the creatives added!

I don't mind creatives appropriating art for advertising's sake though, as I've stated before. Especially if it gets more people backing the UN. That is, assuming these ads actually ran...

Anonymous said...

I worked at Saatchis Syndey when this was done. They worked with the artist to do it.

Incidentally, Nic who was the typographer (now art director) does great work ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/nicbuckingham/sets/72157594290580010/ )

Scamp said...

Cool work from Nic.

Did the U.N. ads run?

Anonymous said...

That Lunar ad is gross and has scam written all over it. I guess they feel they need some exposure

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

That dvd is brilliant.

Lunar BBDO said...

Hey anonymous 8.50...real brief, real client. You may think it's gross but it's not a scam.

Anonymous said...

this is what makes me think d&ad is irrelevant. rewarding reductive creative ideas that are predicated on the assumption that what we do is annoying and has no value.

didn't the crispin BURGER KING video games warrant a black pencil? it did in my d&ad book that i'll never buy.

get over graphic design and film dudes. like seriously.

Gerry Cacanindin said...

I'm surprised the Bertolli Extra Virgin Oil didn't pick up Lions and Pencils in other shows. They're really funny.

Anonymous said...


i'm sorry. do you REALLY think they sold an ounce of olive oil to a real regular person with that alleged humour? it took me ages to get it and it wasn't funny when i finally did.

do you think that, in 2007, that that was funny? much less effective. i think society is far ahead of that. in fact i know so. d and a d is signing its own death warrnant by rewarding that shizzit.

Gerry Cacanindin said...

To anonymous,

Well, my friend, we live on opposite sides of the planet. Here in Asia, olive oil and virgin coconut oil are seen as miracle oils. While the Western world has put much of its faith on synthetic medication, much of Asia still relies on natural and herbal remedies.

As Asians, we also believe in the healing powers of these natural substances to promote longevity.

So if you ask me if i find this funny, from an Asian perspective yes I do. And if this proposition appeals to a real person, yes it does--in Asia, anyway.

Anonymous said...


yes, you asians invented the olive oil didn't you? not the italians. that you believe in natural medications is irrelevant. i'm talking about the d&ad. the ads ARE NOT funny. and i don't give a shit where you're from. they are NOT funny.

it was intended to win awards. and it did. and that's pretty much all it did. let's not pretend otherwise.

word of advice: don't lean too hard on your culture. it gets tiresome.

Gerry Cacanindin said...


If you think it's not funny, then I respect that. But don't shove down your opinion on other people's throats.

Word of advice: you do not have the monopoly on what is funny and what is not. Ads are a matter of taste. Just because it's not funny to you, it's not funny at all.

Again, it's a matter of opinion.