Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Stereotypical Creative

Make The Logo Bigger found this hilarious spot.

It mercilessly rips into a stereotypical Spanish ad creative, whose biggest nightmare is the cleaning lady wearing his trainers.

He also journeys to a mythical forest where adland's stereotypical characters live, including 'Smooth Shave Guy' and 'Three Mates On A Sofa'.

If you can stay the course to the end (it is in Spanish) you will even see an appearance from adland's most famous butler...


Anonymous said...

Great. I bet all the dreadful ads on the film are better than Harry "the douchebag" Beeeeeeee's actual reel too

Lunar BBDO said...

Winning an award for a commercial where someone drinks cleaning fluid is brilliant.

RFB said...

Didn't understand a word, but some things are universal. Brilliant. Emo glasses, folding bike, attitude.

The ad world is a very small and narrow place.