Monday, November 13, 2006

This Is Wrong

The Letterman 'Balls' clip has generated lots of interesting comment. I haven't changed my view that it's OK to borrow though. Especially if you're building on an idea, improving it, making it your own somehow.

(Having said that, I do take the point about acknowledging your sources. You look a bit mean if you don't. Like the creators of Honda 'Cog' always claiming their inspiration was the game 'Mousetrap' rather than the short film by Fischli & Weiss.)

But no debate about this one, surely. Compare the 2007 D&AD Student Awards Call For Entry with the promotional materials for the 4th Annual One Show Exhibition at the Ad Museum of Tokyo from 2005.

Listen closely, graphic design consultancy Lippa Pearce. You can steal from a movie. You can steal from a promo. But you can't steal from another ad. And that's just the way it is.


Anonymous said...

Well you can't steal from another ad because it it probably already stolen from somewhere else.

And of course you won't be able to disclose the source if it's stolen indirectly.

Stanley Johnson said...

I wonder who came up with the pencil?

It's used by D&AD, One Show and AWARD in Australia.

Anonymous said...

See, this is something that I worry about - copying someone else's work unintentionally. Perhaps it's rather naive of me, but do you really think they don't mean to credit the original source?

Personally, I don't get why people won't give credit where credit is due - for either lifting an idea or borrowing from it. Apart from the shame factor in not doing it and then getting caught out - why does it seem to be such a no no? Is it an ego thing?

Scamp said...

You may very well be right, onewomanrunning - they may have copied it unintentionally.

In other words, maybe they didn't know this idea had already been done.

But... they should have.

Especially as it won a Clio.

Anonymous said...

Here's a good place to look if you think an idea you have come with may have been done before:

Anonymous said...

Ok, but that's kind of my point - what if they flicked through the awards annual, the idea got stored in their subconscious and then they pulled it back out at a later date, but didn't remember that they'd seen it elsewhere?

If that were me, and I didn't know and then I did, I'd be broadcasting to the world that I'd gotten inspiration from the original source.

*Note to self, remember to check all awards annuals before thinking I'm shit-hot for the idea I've come up with* As it is, I google any tags/straps I write up, just to make sure no-one else has got there before me.

Maybe there should be some advertising code of conduct to deal with things like this. Like the Rules of Engagement...

Sorry for the ramble, don't have much work to do today and I can't be arsed to post on my own blog.

Anonymous said...

Hamburglar! Haven't seen him in a while.