Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New BBC one Idents

Apparently there are eight but I could only find this one. It's okay. Nothing earth-shattering.

But they have caused quite a controversy, mostly over the £1.2m cost.

I did enjoy this quote from someone called Luke Crawley of the broadcasting trade union BECTU: "They won't encourage people to watch. That can only be done through quality programmes."

Sure thing, Luke. Just like you buy a brand of running shoes purely on quality, ditto cars, and you buy beer purely on taste and airline tickets purely on price. Oh, and you don't care what clothes you wear either. And your girlfriend doesn't wear make-up and your kids don't want to go to McDonalds. Image is completely irrelevant. Sure, Luke. Sure.

Here's a fun ad from Y&R New York, via Copyranter that self-deprecatingly demolishes this archaic argument.

We add value, people! Let's be proud.


Anonymous said...

You might disagree with Frank but I do think it is reasonable to ask what is more powerful in creating the reputation of the BBC - the idents, or the programming content? I'd argue that since there is vastly more airtime devoted to programme content than idents, the programmes ARE the brand. An analysis of programme loyalty versus channel loyalty would be revealing.

One of the way that idents work is as much as signposts as anything else - i.e. " You liked that TV show? Well, you're watching it on BBC1 (in case you didn't notice)... (maybe you want to come back again)."

And whatever else the more evolved contribution of brands, the simplest is to help consumers navigate through choices.

(Personally, while I believe in brands, I think that we sometimes overstate their influence).

Scamp said...

Well, the idents are a frame.

And people will prefer a picture in a nice frame to the same picture in a tatty frame.

Anonymous said...

Sure, Scamp, sure