Friday, September 01, 2006


So the leaving-do was a lot of fun. Mostly because people were inhaling laughing gas. I kid you not. Here are some photos.

Apparently it's the latest craze. You use a canister like this, that you can buy on the internet.

The cartridges that you put in it contain nitrous oxide. They are designed for making whipped cream.

The spent cartridges 'spling' out like shotgun shells.

It's completely legal. Apparently the high lasts about a minute, but I didn't try it because I'm a pussy.


George Parker said...

Fucking brilliant. Here in the US they would lock you up for life with Charlie Manson for pulling a stunt like that. They have no sense of humour. That's why they elected Bush... Oh, forgot you guys elected his poodle. Jesus, no wonder the pubs are now open 24/7. No wonder I miss it!!!

George Parker said...

If you're not nursing a massive hangover, or when you get up. Before you get your face around a bacon sarnie. Check out AdScam.

Anonymous said...

Mhm, I thought I'll better change the picture then. You know what women are like... I really don't want to get involved in a libel and whatnot lawsuit. :-)