Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What makes a good CD?

Hi everyone. Today I'm turning my blog over to "Guest Suit." This person is an Account Handler of my acquaintance, who is going to give us a POV from behind enemy lines, every now and then.

Please feel free to post any abuse or questions.

GUEST SUIT WRITES: So, Steve Henry started at TBWA last week, as the new executive creative director. The hiring has been universally praised. The sentiment is that he may well be capable of filling the shoes of ad land’s most high-profile creative, Trevor Beattie. But why? What is it that makes a great creative director?

Before I begin, I want to tell a story about how one of the top consultants (consultants: AAR and the like), once told me that, when it comes to new business, really the CD is the star of the show. That wherever clients go, they’ll meet charming and charismatic account men, and clever planners, but it’s the CD that sets the distinct impression of an agency. They’re the ‘X-Factor’.

So, what divides the good from the great, I think, is this:

1. They should be high profile – both to attract attention, and so that their POV holds weight;
2. They should have a strong and (ideally) profound point of view;
3. They should have stage-presence – an ability to command the attention of a roomful of people with their conviction and confidence.
4. They should have the respect of both creatives and account teams.
5. They should know when the brief’s wrong but an idea’s right.

So that’s what makes a good CD according to an Account Man. And why’s an account man’s opinion important? Well, let’s not forget who actually hires these CD’s...


copyranter said...

the best CDs are the ones who buy me the most dinners, and take the most vacation.

Martin said...

Although I'm still pretty green to the industry as a whole, I would add having a strong opinion of what sort of work we should be doing and where it should be going. And then sticking to it.

Anonymous said...

The best have the backs of their people also.

Mack at adverb also has a great take on CDs. (About halfway down the post.)