Friday, July 14, 2006

OTS Is A Lie

Rob over at The Ad-Pit mentions how annoyed he is by the Vauxhall adverts. You know, the ones with the kids behaving like adults.

As he says, the ads are actually quite good. But they have been aired so much, they are now irritating.

I totally agree. Those ads are irritating.

Surely this OTS (Opportunities To See) statistic that media people talk about is wack?

They normally tell you that the OTS for an ad is 3.4 or something. Yet although I don't watch much TV, I seem to see every single ad about 100 times...


Anonymous said...

I remember asking a client how long they intended to run the same commercial and they said 6 months [at heavyish weights]

I said ... "But by then, it'll act as an ad to NOT buy your product"

And her reply was ... "It doesn't matter as long as they understand the product benefit".

Mad, mad, mad.

However that's nothing compared to this beauty from a friend of mine ...

They got a scientist to measure the interest levels of the brain while watching ads.

Unsuprisingly, interest was high till the 'product sell' and 'logo push' came on.

They presented this information to the client and his reply was ...

"Hmmmm, if they get bored at the end of ads, we should put the product benefit and logo at the beginning"


Scamp said...

Yeah baby, let's put the logo on screen all the way through!

Oh, hang on, some people already do... like Citroen.

Your client sounds like a typical buffoon.

And the cost savings they make are not big.

An ad might cost £100,000 and have a media spend of £2m. But they could probably make two ads for £150,000. That's only an extra 2.5% of the media cost. For a lot less irritation.

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

Gah! Talk about ignoring reality...

Its so true about the small cost of variation. A series of ads lasts so much better than a single ad.

(as well as being much less irritating therefore certainly more effective!)

SchizoFishNChimps said...

rob's absolutely right. I'm getting pretty miffed at seeing that mouthy teenager spouting about how the sun shines out of Sarah's mum's arse (Bitesize Shredded Wheat), which first aired in 2003, and it's still on!

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