Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Scamp Is Off To California Tomorrow

It's partly a family holiday, but I'm also having a couple of interviews - one in L.A. and one in San Francisco.

If anyone has worked in both the U.S. and the U.K., I'd love to know how agency life compares.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mate ...

Yep, worked in both places [HHCL / Crispin's amongst a few others] and had a great time.

Saying that, it was 100% down to the agency because they attracted the right sort of client who wanted our sort of work [rather than being pro-bland!]

Otherwise it's tough to go Stateside, because US clients tend to be very, very, very slow on making decisions and you have to sit through craploads of management talk.

So - great experience, some great, great people but alot of it is down to who you're with and what you're working on.


PS: Saying that, there must be some fun in the US as we opened an office there and we have a great time - better than our Asia mob, ha!

Anonymous said...

Good luck!

I'm a native Californian. (NorCal with a SoCal education) and I hope it lives up to billing. It's a great place, SF especially. Look up the Cafe Trieste in North Beach if you have some time and want a seriously American, seriously caffeinated cappuccino.

I don't know how it goes with clients in the UK, but I'll agree ith Rob and say that the consultant-speak and slow decision-making are big problems.

Anyhow, good luck and I hope you enjoy California. Hope you get a chance to blog while there.

- Clay