Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Will Care About 30% Of The Time

Thanks to those who've congratulated Scowling A.D. and myself on our two D&AD nominations.

I shan't try to be cool about it. I'm thrilled.

As regular readers will know, I do care about awards. (Yes, even when I'm not up for any. Perhaps especially then). I care about awards because they denote excellence and I care about excellence. We all do, don't we? Sure, the jury system may not be a perfect way to determine who should get them, but we live in a democracy, and some kind of voting has got to be the way to go.

So I will be caring deeply on the night of June 11. But... not the whole night. Because while of course I care about categories like Art Direction, Online Advertising and TV & Cinema advertising, there are other categories (like Book Design, Environmental Design, and Digital Installations) that I either don't care about, or only pretend to care about.

After a quick squizz at the nominations, I calculated that I care about just under 30% of them. What about you?


Anonymous said...

Is TV dead?

m denton esq said...

Funny, I've suddenly found myself with a deep interest in the results of the book design category.

......maybe that's because the Creative Circle annual is nominated. Yipee!!!!

George said...

Press, Poster, Tv & Cinema and Viral. Not sure what percentage that accounts for though. Probably about 15 - 20%.

Advertising said...

Your ad was mentioned on the Today program on Radio 4 on Wednesday.

They were talking about how the ASA have banned the Keira Knightley ad (the anti-domestic abuse one, not the perfume one) and how your barnardo's ad escaped their wrath.

Penny said...

I'm caring less about what I used to care most about. And the mouth-watering creative possibilities of online/mobile/etc. are to blame.

A beautiful press campaign or TV spot is still beautiful. And I still admire the craft and the insights. And I still get jealous. But the attention poured on these increasingly quaint categories seems misplaced. It's as if we're all ooh-in and aah-ing over the embers of last nights bonfire. said...

oh look, it's that drawing where the thumb shadow isn't coloured again ;).
congratulations on the nominations, scamp and partner-scamp.

Anonymous said...

What ad was you nominated for? Cant be agged to read through the large pdf.

Anonymous said...

What if there could be a blogging award night, where 'the' bloggers get to vote and decide for excellence. It could be fun. lol

Lubomir said...

Congratulations! Your Barnardo's work is shuddering.

Anonymous said...

"...and the mouthwatering possibilities of mobile advertising..."
Are you taking the piss?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the D&AD Scamp, and Happy Birthday as well!

Anonymous said...

Well done on the nominations but why do you only care about advertising?

Are ads the only expression of creativity out there? I hope not.

I liked the year a bridge in France won a gold.

It's inspiring. Surely we can learn from other disciplines no?

robin said...

Thanks Scamp.
Used to care a lot about copywriting - before this poster-type print ad lunacy crept in.

What really annoys about D&AD now are:
1. new book format - the longer page allows more ads but also, the ads are smaller.
2. selling the book only to winners and members.
Come on, a lot of people who have looked up to Brit advertising are not in England.
Buying the book at close to 60 quid is already a lot of money.
Bt joining D&AD?
Remember, because of currency conversion, the pound is actually a lot more.

Reason so many Asia want to see the book is, quite a few of the ads are 'scams'.
They've never run anywhere.
And at best will only run AFTER the work wins an award.

Sure, these days there are online version of the winning work.
But nothing like a book. For me.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Graeme Haul anyone?

Anonymous said...

To be honest I really like the design sections but giving a pencil to that bridge seemed like a joke. You built an amazing bridge that will stand for centuries, do you really need the affirmation of a fucking pencil? You built a bridge!!!! Same goes for the Gallardo which was in the book a couple of years back, only less so.

And while I'm on the subject, why has the ipod one every year when it's basically the same just slightly refined every time?

Sorry quiet day in the office.

Bodecker said...

Where is the category for best Awards? There's the One show (not the TV prog), Eurobest, Cannes, The Clios, The Roses, The Chip Shop awards and a whole load of others.
I'm actaully thinking of starting a new awards money machine. I going to call it the Chinese Takeaway awards. I've done the campaign for a local chinese takeaway, so my back story is all sorted. Now I just need to find an angle. Just £10 to enter maybe.

Anonymous said...

Never a category for just 'best overall idea' is there? as in best idea that can be neatly summed up in a line/thought which is relevant to the brand and different. i guess integrated is the closest, but seems to now just mean 'we did tv, a poster and even a website too!!' I always find that odd.

For instance: whopper virgins. Maybe some of the ads are good and some are a little duff, but the idea is big and funny (i know that's open to debate). After all it must be easier to do a 30 sec spot for a ch4 programme which is a one time event than to craft an idea which will stand up to different media time after time for a brand, like say for a mobile phone company which requires an ongoing brand job.

Anonymous said...

And the finalists for this year's Awards Awards are:

One Show
Campaign BIG
Creative Circle
World Press Awards
Chip Shop Awards

Anonymous said...

Hey Dominic. Well done mate. KS

Anonymous said...

I'm always a bit wary of people who win alot of awards. In the back of my mind I harbour the niggling suspicion that they're probably all cunts. In fact it's a bit more than a niggling suspicion.

lance1 said...

I have a proposition for you. For one year, let’s do away with award shows. Starting in January 2010, no agency anywhere in the world will enter anything. Not the One Show. Not D&AD. Not CommArts or even Cannes. Nobody wins. Nobody loses. Nobody enters.

Ridiculous? Maybe not. Think for a minute about what might happen. Would our creative product get worse without the accolades, or would it perhaps get better? Would our perceptions of good work change, having no affirmation from a glossy-paged annual? Would clients be less attracted to our agencies, or would they actually become more trusting? And, most importantly, would our creative spirits shrivel without the annual stroking of our egos?

I admit, I might sulk a little without my precious award shows, but I don’t believe I would try any less to do great work on the briefs that crossed my desk. And I believe that goes for most creatives. Good creatives want to do something great every chance they get, no matter if there is a gold star waiting at the other end.

Maybe it’s because I just got married and I’m feeling a bit more responsible, but most clients aren’t spending as much these days and very talented people I know are getting laid off. The millions of dollars we collectively pour into entry fees each year could keep a lot of talented creatives working. Surely, this would help raise the standard of our work more than a trip to the podium for a pat on the back that we paid money for in the first place.

In 2005, one of the top agencies in South Africa (Network BBDO) decided not to enter any shows after being named the most awarded agency in the country the year prior. What happened? People paid even closer attention to their work. Everyone wondered what good work for the sake of good work actually looked like. Their clients became less-suspect of their true creative intentions. Network BBDO prospered. They are still around today, doing some great award-winning work, I might add. They didn’t vanish from the face of our small advertising planet. No one died of a withered ego.

During our year without awards, if you really need a fix of recognition, I suggest putting your work on or, or any one of the many others. They’re all free. Or better yet, just ask someone you respect to confirm if you’re still relevant or not. Call your mum as a last resort.

Imagine if we all went ahead with this idea and collectively took a year off from our self-congratulations. Better yet, what if we decided to donate 3% of the money that would have gone towards outputs, printouts, tapes, packaging, couriers and entrance fees towards a worthwhile cause. Greenpeace, perhaps. I’m willing to bet our efforts might win me a Titanium Lion in 2011.

Anonymous said...

41? not 40? happy belated birthday then!

Anonymous said...

I once told my friend who's a cancer specialist that we win awards for doing good ads.

He just looked at me and sniggered.

So I nicked his fags.

Anonymous said...

What did you make of the winners at BTAA then Scamp? How interested in that were you?

Bodecker said...

I think I've got my angle for a new type of advertising award. I'm going to call it the 'Chinese Takeaway advertising awards'. There will be wooden chopsticks, gold chopsticks and the top accolade... black chopsticks.
Entry is not required. You simply make the awards to yourself. I'm really looking forward to touting my book around town and telling people how many awards I've won.

Scamp said...

12.03 - for what it's worth, I was interested in all the BTAA winners, except for 'Most successful ad agency' and 'Most successful production company'. That should just be tally, not an award, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

i didnt think the golds were that strong this year, with the exception of the Binge Drinking and the naturists thing for Comfort which was smashing, i thought it was weak. I have to say i found Hovis v flat and dull. Where was Siri's Kubrick ad at the BTAA's surely a gold?

NewB said...

Perhaps you know Scamp; the winners that were classified as viral (Diesel...), how did they fit into the TV concept? Were they able to be sent and linked to via red button or similar (making it viral) or were they simply more risque film executions? Did they actually run on TV at some point, and if not how are they accepted in the awards?