Thursday, April 02, 2009

Director of the Month: Steve Reeves

I always like working with directors who are ex-creatives.

They just get it.

Steve Reeves is a typical ex-creative of a director, in my opinion, in that he doesn't have a personal style that overwhelms everything he shoots, but instead adopts whatever approach will best serve the idea.

As a result, he has a truly excellent reel... but you may find yourself saying "I didn't know Steve Reeves did that one" at times.

The only ad on his reel I don't particularly like is the first one, "Child Orators" for the BBC, purely because children speaking in the voice of a dead adult freaks me out.

But he's racked up more than a few gems: Agent Provocateur "Kylie", which has got a mere 360 million views, the brilliant Anti-Drinking "Batman", the Anti-Drinking one where the girl sucks up her own vomit, which I like, and McDonalds "Ruby", in which the (lack of) expression on the face of the guy in the brown leather jacket just kills me every time.

So, let's have a chat about Steve Reeves. Have you worked with him? Was he nice? Did he do a good job? And do you agree with my theory that, on average, ex-creatives make better directors?


Anonymous said...

We had him all lined up for a job in 2002, great treatment, sold into the client who loved his reel. Then he had to pull out. Something better came along. It always happens with guys like Steve. And who can blame them? Our ad wouldn't have got on that reel.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he turned me down as well. Good director though.

McNulty said...

Definitely ex-creatives, every time. You've got a chance they actually know what an idea is.

Sell! Sell! said...

Worked with him last year. Lovely chap, great director, and with a friendly can-do production company. What more could you ask for?

I agree about ex-creatives Scampy, plus they also know what you have to go through to get things signed off and can be really helpful. I worked with Frank Todaro on a couple of jobs and he was the same - plus he is an awesome director.

Ben Kay said...

Steve did a brilliant job for us for nowt - about £250,000 worth. And it got in the book for Direction. And Tim Marshall is a top bloke, too.

Anonymous said...

Gave Steve one of his first jobs when he was Directing with Paul Gay, his old partner from BMP. I can honestly say, 10 plus years on, he's still one of the nicest blokes I've worked with. Most directors are your best mate during pre production. Steve is still your best mate at the end of the job! His Mrs Dawson Condom factory ad is still one of my all time faves!

Daryl said...


your right to have him as Director of the month.

He is my Director of my career. He's shot over ten of my ads. He is a top bloke as is Tim and the rest of his team at Another. Becausue he was once a creative in an agency, and if he agrees to shoot an ad for you, you know that it must be a good idea and you know he will make it even better. He wants you to be right next to him during the shoot, none of that agency sitting in a tent by the monitor miles away crap. From Orange to RKCR BBC spots he has no house style. Just Quality. And the best thing is if you live in Clapham or Battersea, you can walk to the shoot!

He is the most down to earth bloke you could hope to meet, I've even seen him in Somerfield on the Northcote Road.

Anonymous said...

He shops at Somerfield? Dude needs to up his day-rate.

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell, that is good.

Anonymous said...

Steve Reeves.
Frank Budgen.
Jeff Stark.
Chris Palmer.
Tom Carty.
Andy McCleod.

Yes I agree.
Plus watch out for an old colleague of mine Mike Long.He's going to be big. And a great bloke too.

Mike said...

Steve got a BT ad in the book.

Need I say more?

For the tallest director in adland he's ace at:

Drunken croquet on Carribean islands.

Limo to the church gags.

Convincing Talent to iron in the nude.

Forming Another with Tim that's an ace company to work with.

And similar to Daryl, I spotted him in B&Q.

Paul said...

Steve is indeed a lovely bloke and a very good director who is great to work with. If you ever meet him ask him about the "incident" at his former second home in the New Forest. You won't want a holiday home there after hearing it. Daryl, I too have seen him at Somerfield on Northcote Rd although I'm sure he now shops at the new Waitrose (except for bread which he will buy from The Breadstall and meat from Dove). Have any other readers spotted Steve shopping or getting his hair cut somewhere? Let us know please

The Voice of Reason said...

Top bloke, great director.
Will always remember drunk in Rome swaying like a corn field in the wind.

Mister Gash said...

Steve is shooting in Battersea this weekend. Funny that. Why don't we all pop along and say hello?

Anonymous said...

I spotted Steve eating Monster Munch on Clapham Common. Pickled onion flavour I think

Unknown said...

another great ex-creative director is Marco Ammannati who was previously a designer for Neville Brody.

Anonymous said...

Hello Truzz!

Ben Kay said...

Regarding your theory, at the very top of the golden mountain:

Ex-creatives: Palmer, Budgen, Kuntz

Non-ex-Creatives: Bond, Glazer, Kleinman, Fugslig, Gondry, Ledwidge, Zacharias, Murro.

Anonymous said...

alarming lack of snark here. this steve reeves chap must be the real deal.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to spoil the party Scamp, but i thought this director of the month thing was more about letting us creatives discover new talent.

nothing against steeve reeves. i've never used him, but i'm a little bit disappointed that you've chosen him.

what about featuring doing some female diretors. it's a well discussed territory, but they need all the help they can get.

ps. i'm not female myself, but i have worked with some wonderfully talented female directors, and i'm just trying to give them a break.

Scamp said...

DotM isn't intended to be specifically about new talent. It could be old talent, underrated talent... anything really.

When I write the piece, I'm trying to not only give my view on a reel, but also think about what interesting topic this director's reel enables us to discuss; in Steve's case, ex-creatives as directors.

But I do take your point, and will endeavour to feature a female director very soon.

Mister Gash said...

And whilst 1.18 is right - some of the very best directors in town are ex-creatives - let's not forget that the road to glory is strewn with the bodies of creatives who tried their hand at directing and never made it.

We're not naming names here - but for every one that made it there's half a dozen that didn't.

Anonymous said...

true that rocker man. too many ex-creatives just have the right sneakers and glasses and conference call blather but couldn't direct traffic.

"casting will be key!"
casting is important. really? thanks for that Scorsese.

Anonymous said...

agent's ad still rules!!!!!!!