Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dubiously Useful Labels

Okay. Ambient Week is finishing early, because I've run out of things to say on the subject.

So here's the wrapper of a Snickers bar I ate last night.

It has instructions on it.

That's right. Instructions, on how to open a bar of chocolate.

Well, it is a 2-pack I suppose, so maybe that makes it a tiny bit more complicated, but... come on.

Reminds me of the label once spotted on a mattress - 'Do not swallow'.


pete said...

I think the hands in that diagram need to be fatter.Probably make it more relevant to the audience.

Advertising said...

I've seen similar instructions on the side of a pack of Corn Flakes, it said something like:

1. Pour contents into bowl.
2. Add milk.
3. Add sugar to taste.

Now, I know you're supposed to lack a BIT of brain power in the mornings, but still...

Anonymous said...

Are they implying that fat guys are stupid?

Mister Gash said...

On a jar of mustard.

Allergy Advice: Contains mustard.

Well that's handy.

Anonymous said...

A "Do not swallow" mattress label? So THAT'S where she got the idea. Another dating mystery solved.

Corblimey said...

Theres a big list of stupid product instructions. My personal favourite is a printed on the bottom of Tesco Tiramisu dessert. "Do not turn upside down"

I was enjoying ambient week.

some cool escalator ambients here

Mike said...

I disagree, it's kind of fun - when you think about it.

Most people would tear of the corner, and eat it from the top.

Given Snickers' rep with Mr. T and it all being a quite tough snapping it in the middle is quite a unique thing.

I actually think it's quite clever.

G said...

Goes back to the classic original

"Airline Peanuts"

"May contain nuts!"

Anonymous said...

Mr. T would just eat it and shit out the wrapper like an owl pellet.

Bentos said...

A Doritos packet once helpfully showed me how to open it wide enough for multiple people to access the corn chips within.

They called it 'sharing'.

Mister Gash said...

Bentos - that was so that people with fat hands could get them into the bag. Too many Snickers...

And George - has Scamp moderated your photo?!

Anonymous said...

There's actually a reason behind this.

You'll notice that King Size snickers are now actually 2 mid-size snickers in a king size wrapper. The idea is you snap the wrapper in half (as per the instructions), eat half, and save half for later, in i's own half-wrapper.

The reasoning behind this (I shit you not) is to stop obesity by stopping fat kids munching the whole thing in one... now they can save some for later.

So, althought the 'save some for later' idea is a bit lame in that it is clearly not going to prevent obesity, the instructions are actually rather useful.