Saturday, September 20, 2008

YouTube Poll Result

The result of last week's poll shows that most of you think it's okay to adapt a film from YouTube into an ad.

Creatives have been 'adapting' for decades - I was wondering if the discussion would throw up anything different about adapting from YouTube. I guess the most interesting point was that it's now much easier for people to find your source material.

In the old days, there might have been gossip that a big ad was ripped from a Slovakian short film, but no one would have seen it. Today, everyone will.

So either be comfortable with that, or do more to disguise your sources.

This week's poll simply asks what type of advertising you're most involved in. Vote now, in the right hand column of this blog.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha 60% said yes. Whores all.

Anonymous said...

it never ceases to amaze me how UK creatives endlessly argue about originality and then produce the most excruciatingly formulaic TV ads.

there seems to be no realization on your part that we are now competing with youtube. and that two white guys in an office can no longer bend the masses to do our bidding.

take the new Audi grip tv ad. not meant as a dig at bbh but who in their right mind could possibly have been excited about shooting that idea? it's print on tv.

Anonymous said...

All creative work is done by fluke, so dont brag about it and be
thankful for small mercies.

Anonymous said...

I'm not suprised by the results of the poll, after all alot of people probably have reels full of adapts and don't want to look foolish.

I, personally don't have a problem with borrowing (or whatever you wanna call it) from YouTube just so long as there is still thinking behind it that mean the product fits the brief and product.

But no matter how good the YouTube clip it will never compete with a genuinely original and clever concept,

Bentos said...

Some credit for the (probably amateur) originator wouldn't go amiss. Those amateurs can have some pretty good ideas.

If you find yourself stealing YouTube ideas all day surely the thought must occur that these amateurs could probably do your job better than you, huh?



Anonymous said...


"If you find yourself stealing YouTube ideas all day surely the thought must occur that these amateurs could probably do your job better than you, huh?"

These amateurs have as long as they want to think of something. Their brief is anything they want it to be. They have no one telling them they're wrong. They have no deadline to meet.

They do not, as we do, think of something then in quick succession have it altered by creative directors, planners, account men, clients and research groups before it gets made.

I'd like to see how their ideas would pan out if they had to attempt to hurdle the obstacles that we have to. Daily.

The biggest obstacle of which is the "reference" obstacle. You simply cannot just present a script these days, you have to show someone what it wil be "like." Therefore it will inevitably have a pecedent. It is impossible to be original in advertising if you use these approval process.
For example, I bet Cadbury's gorilla didn't go through many research groups, or have to be shown to a creative director or, so the rumoir goes, to the client.

So these amateurs couldn't do our job better than us. They'd burst into tears and give up because they couldn't take it. If you want to be original these days, advertising is not the place to do it. Either be an artist or make a film for Youtube. It's impossible to be wrong doing these things. Well your mates could tell you it's shit but you can tell them to fuck off.

Bentos said...

Sadly, not bitter, all good points. The system does indeed seem set up to fail. Sometimes I'm amazed any decent ads get made at all.

Anonymous said...


Well said sir.
I've had this nagging feeling that good ads (in whatever media) are getting rarer and rarer as time goes by. A good client might grab this opportunity to do a good one and stand out from the crowd before everyone else does it.

In the meantime, it's a struggle butat least we don't have to shave or wear a suit.

Anonymous said...

how are "direct" and "digital" different.

in fact how are press and tv etc and direct different.

do you mean, "mail"?

if so, what year is this? 1998?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it can work out fine. Fiat's agency got inspired by this clip on youtube.
The people concerned were involved in the production of the resulting commercial.

Anonymous said...

I remember Neil French telling me that it's ok to rip off a story line from a movie, a tv show or whatever. Just don't rip off from ads.