Tuesday, September 16, 2008

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Unknown said...

blog book?

surely, tagged to death on delicious. :)

Scamp said...

I do have a book deal, yes, with top publisher Laurence King. Am working on it right now. The book will have roughly 1/3 content from the blog and 2/3 new content. It will also feature 8-10 interviews with leading figures from the world of advertising. Very excited about it.

Unknown said...

that´s great scamp! such fertile times. ok, maybe that´s not the best word for it, but it´s something more than productive.

Anonymous said...

first order to germany virtually made. great. fantastico. fett.

Anonymous said...

It's going to make such a good book. The new "Hey Whipple" get ready for the podcast interviews

Anonymous said...

Hi, Can you recommend a good copywriting course in London?

Scamp said...

Watford. (West Herts College).