Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Photography Competition

Straight from the camera- Outside Gray's Papaya, W.8th Street, NYC. From Avril


Anonymous said...

I really wish I'd come up with "the saline tang of pink flesh".

Anonymous said...

Having lived in NYC for 5 months now, I've seen a whole load of odd writing everywhere.

A plumber's van with the slogan "We fix things" emblazoned across the side; a coach with the phrase "Have a nice day" scrolling along an LCD panel above the window.

Restaurants have odd names too: Best Burger, Better Burger, Zen Burger - offering salads with meat bits, chicken bits and turkey bits.

And by the way, Papaya is wrong.

You only go there when you've drunk yourself too stupid to care about how filthy those chili dogs and cheese steaks really are.

But overall, great city.