Friday, May 30, 2008

In Case You Didn't Catch It Live

Here it is.

I was surprised by the negative reaction when I 'hyped' this yesterday.

This is an ad that got a full page of coverage in every single national newspaper and on every single national newspaper website.

It's an ad that's well branded (you're not going to tell me anyone doesn't know it's for Honda).

It was genuinely interesting to watch - you didn't know if it was going to work or not.

It was in tune with the brand message (here is my one gripe - endline should have been 'Difficult is worth doing' not 'Power of dreams'). 'Difficult is worth doing' is a great strategy, in my view, and great for Honda.

It redefines the medium in at least one way - first live ad since 1950something. And taking up the whole ad break is not that usual either.

What is the better TV ad we have seen so far this year?

I don't think I'm hyping it.

I think it's rather good.


Anonymous said...

Don't be surprised by the negative reaction. People are all different. They think differently about things. Which is good in one way but bad for advertisers. Better for them if everyone thought exactly the same as their research groups.

Anonymous said...

ok the PR people get a black pencil the ad gets in book.

Anonymous said...

So it repeated something done in the 50's? That's like saying we should care because it's the first time someone placed an ad in a ration book in the modern era.


Better ad this year? Nike.

Anonymous said...

I love 'The Modern Era'.

Mark Wnek always says that he's the only copywriter to get at least a D&AD nomination in print, TV and radio in the modern era.

This means that a) someone did it before (a long time ago), and b) he hasn't got anything more than a nomination in those categories.

How sad can you get?

Anonymous said...

people who are negative about this ad need their heads looking at.

to do an ad thats genuinely exciting is something else. Interesting,clever,funny have all been done loads of times in great ads, but exciting?

Black pencil all the way.

Carb Free Creativity said...

Extremely impressive.

The fact it's live makes it.

They almost didn't get the N.

3 minutes of prime time and a load of free press coverage!

Hopefully it was all worth it!

Anonymous said...

It REALLY makes me want to go sky-diving...

Anonymous said...

As usual everyones going way over the top. It's not shit - fair play to them for pulling it off, it's more interesting than most ads and it's definitely different. But it's not the greatest thing this year - skydiving has been done live many times on TV, difficult is worth doing is an obvious statement that everyone already knows and every team in world has had the idea of doing a live ad.

Anonymous said...

A better ad this year? Even Trucks is better. But seriously Brains for Drench is better. BBC Penguins is better. VW stuff is better. Just because it was a live ad doesn't make it great. Brave yes, Great No. It reminds me of the indulgance of Guinness Tipping Point where a giant pack shot is built. It's self congratulatory. They just spelt the word Honda. Difficult - undoubtedly. Worth doing - no

Anonymous said...

Let's see them try that with 'Volkswagen'.

Anonymous said...

that was truly great tv. It didn;t feel like an ad. How many ads have you seen people (apart from our mums) purposefully tuning into a given channel... they actually WANT to watch it.

It was exciting... you could see the ground rocketing towards you all the time.

Loved it. Black Pencil in my books

Anonymous said...

Three minutes of live, irrelevant back slapping for the marketing department.

What the fuck has it got to do with Hondas and why I should buy one?

Cog, Grrr, Robot - all magnificently relevant and yet fascinatingly abstract.

The only aspect of Honda's brand this ad articulates is the sudden drop in the quality of their advertising.

PH said...

The polarised nature of this debate seems reminiscient of Gorilla. Which would suggest it's heading for a few awards. Fair play to 'em.

Anonymous said...

If Cadbury's Gorilla is the A-Bomb in terms of buzz, this I'm afraid is just a pea shooter.

Another proof that ads are like toys for kids. Sometimes just a rubber ball does the job better the the most expensive gizmo.

It is clearly a black pencil in the book, but not in the heart. It's an example of a live ad. And just that.

I'm comment #13 on scamp the day after the airing. I should have been #1,300. At least.

Anonymous said...

Nike campaign, almost 5 years ago. People doing excersise on live tv. si: what are you doing now?
that was better. live commercial.

Anonymous said...

what do you think it has done for the brand (assuming one gives a shit about that)?

... just asking.

Ferris said...

Well, I liked it.

Yes, everyone's tried to do a live ad (still not sure how they slipped this past the BACC content-wise but hey) but this was done well. I agree that perhaps the execution could have been more imaginative though, I mean if Cog had been car parts making a logo it would have been average. But I reckon they kept things relatively simple for the public as otherwise it may have been all too much to take in at once (not everyone has heard of the concept of live ads!)

Does anyone know how much input/say W+K had in this?

Anonymous said...

nike did it 5 years ago in argentina.
I think it was Jose Molla who did it.
it showed people doing excersise and title: what are you doing now?
live performance. better campaign.
and 5 years ago!!!

Anonymous said...

From what I've read today, it seems that it's mostly down to Channel 4 and 4creative.

Anonymous said...

You said it before and guess what? someone else said it before you in the previous post and this is what i think:

who cares about argentina anyway?

Anonymous said...

juan does.
he's buying it, the cheeky bastard.

Anonymous said...

The carlsberg football celebrations ad would make a good live ad. Much more unexpected. A brown pencil for honda/4creative etc.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

@1:34 PM
Agree about the brown pencil.

Still, let's wait for the proper ad to land on Sunday. Let's not repeat Scamp's mistake of judging something that hasn't even been shown.

I for one think it'll be hard to match any of Honda's glorious monoliths.

Anonymous said...

The only thing shit about this ad is that there were probably traces of it in some of the sky diver's pants.
It's a masterpiece.
And anyone who doesn't like it, it clearly a green eyed monster.
We'd all love to have been involved in just a little part of it.
You're all in denial.
Now get off the internet and do some work. THAT'S why there are so few great ads like this.
You're all wasting time boosting your egos seeing your words on blogs, rather than actually writing anything half decent. Or maybe you just can't.

Anonymous said...

I'll ask again, is you Neil?

Anonymous said...

neil? neil who?
get back to your toilet duck brief, you sad at crap agency person.

Anonymous said...

"'Difficult is worth doing' is a great strategy, in my view, and great for Honda."

Okay, I'll bite: why is this a great strategy for, particularly, Honda? Or is there something about Honda that I'm unaware of?

Anonymous said...

PS to post 12:29

To all those of you who bang on about the amazing 'free publicity' in all the papers:

1. It ain't anything like 'free', for the cost of this game show of a commercial they could have bought double page spreads in every national newspaper and the rest.

2. If the CEO of Honda pulled a moonie at a press conference it would generate just as much publicity for the brand and it was be just as extraneous.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:28 PM Anon.
Is that the best you can do? Toilet duck brief? You've got to try harder, mate.

I don't know if you had any traumatic experiences involving a toilet and a duck but it's certainly not an insult to me.

Suppose I'm working on that brief. At least it's a shit brief, no one would expect me to do wonders with it. Honda isn't and they should deliver gold, every time.

Now go back to your Sony Bravia Brief Mr Cabral. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's different. Yes, it's brave. It's just not a very good advertisement. But like Meat Loaf said, "two out of three ain't bad."

Ted said...

Ok, but it's more a very good idea, or more a real beautiful event?
I'm for the second option.

Anonymous said...

NIke did a series of live ads out of WK Portland. Maybe it is okay cause its WK. But they were of people jogging and running at night with the thought of "they're doing this right now, what are you doing'

The ads were live.

But hey, the honday ad is still great, so care factor? said...

we've just spoofed another honda ad instead. it's been done plenty of times before but we can't quite afford parachutes yet. (insert suicide quip)

Anonymous said...

For those who care, the full ad is up on YouTube ahead of its airing on TV ... HERE

Anonymous said...

personally it's just an elaborate stunt done 'live' on TV. But I'm more impress with Honda buying an entire ad break... I've always wondered why no one has done it so kudos to Honda for doing that (but then again 4 Creative must have cut some deal with C4). I think THAT (buying the entire ad break) is worth a D&AD pencil, not some sky diving circus... which reeks of those shitty ambient/experential/stunt agency in east london.

Anonymous said...

Fiat 'Handbuilt by Robots' bought the entire break of News at 10 in '80 or '81.

A pencil for media buying would be utterly pathetic.

Anonymous said...

4.53pm said: "I think THAT (buying the entire ad break) is worth a D&AD pencil, not some sky diving circus..."

What is the matter with some people on here? A D&AD pencil for buying space? Woooh, yes, that's very creative and groundbreaking. I tell you what, to save future disagreements let's just give awards for absolutely everything. Sorted.

Look, instead of pissing about with ads that are, at the end of the day, ego-driven pissing contests that are ultimately mere pissing in the wind (that's three 'pissings'), how about concentrating on ads that do what ads are supposed to do? Oh, you know, such as old-fashioned nonsense like selling product? For starters. You never know, doing that might just give you all (especially you Scamp) a little taste of what life is like here on planet Earth. Or, rather, outside those rarefied London pavements you tread.

I tell you, if I was a client looking at the majority of comments on this blog, I'd never use an ad agency again. And no, I'm not a client, nor an account executive. I just happen to be blessed with common sense and an idea of what advertising is supposed to be about. Or what it shouldn't be about - i.e. that it shouldn't be about a load of award-obsessed, show-off graphic designer-cum-artist-cum-overgrown student types indulging their infantile 'creative' fantasies.

That Honda ad. It's not an ad. Really.

Anonymous said...

"how about concentrating on ads that do what ads are supposed to do? Oh, you know, such as old-fashioned nonsense like selling product?"

I agree Anon 5:46. But this stunt hasn't done the brand any harm -- they got a shed load of column inches out of it. It's a PR stunt, really, not an "ad".

Anonymous said...

The best bit is where the sky-diver has "hello Mum" written on his gloves...cheeky-cheeky :D

Anonymous said...

anon 5.46
sorry. on behalf of all of us. we'll go and sit on the naughty step until you tell us we can come back in the room.

Anonymous said...

RE Anon 5.46: sounds like SOMEBODY can't get a job in Kate Nash, you're bittahhh

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The wings snapped off!? Imagine if that had happened on live TV? That would have been the best thing Black for planning? They planned it on the wrong day obviously, they should've planned it a day later KABOOM!

Anonymous said...,-kills-one.html

Oh dear, kind of puts all these comments into perspective doesn't it?

]-[appy Thought said...

I still maintain it would have been better if they had just hoofed a Honda Accord out the plane and filmed it smashing into the ground from 100,000ft. For extra jollity, film it in slow motion. And get Chris Palmer to direct it. Woo!

Anonymous said...

9:48am: "RE Anon 5.46: sounds like SOMEBODY can't get a job in Kate Nash, you're bittahhh"

I knew some cretin would write something like that. It's something to say without actually having something to say. And quoting the hideous Kate Nash does nothing but reveal the absolute paucity of your imagination.

]-[appy Thought said...

@ Anon (predictably) 10.16:

"The wings snapped off!? Imagine if that had happened on live TV? That would have been the best thing Black for planning? They planned it on the wrong day obviously, they should've planned it a day later KABOOM!"

I don't normally get annoyed, but people died in that accident. Perhaps for a second you could stop thinking about advertising and bite your tongue/keyboard.