Thursday, February 14, 2008

Would You Like To Write The Copy On Innocent Smoothies?

Dan Germain, creative supremo at Innocent Drinks, is looking for a copywriter.

Dan says: "It’s still me writing all of the rubbish that people have to wade through whenever they buy an innocent smoothie. Imagine the delight on a child’s face when he/she realises that someone new and fresh wrote the copy on the back of that label, and not that old guy with the beard again."

You rarely see job ads for creatives, and when you do, they're often dodgy. Scowling A.D. and I once applied to a "Creative team wanted" ad that appeared in Campaign. It said at the bottom of the ad "No wankers". We got the job, but unfortunately our boss was himself a world-class wanker. I guess it should have been obvious. I mean, who else but a wanker would write "no wankers" in a job ad?

But that isn't the case here. Dan is someone that I've known (virtually) for some time and I can state with confidence that he is a good egg.

See full info on Dan's job here.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a job for a complete wanker

Anonymous said...

I don't think I'm gay enough.

Anonymous said...

I'd sooner work for The Red Brick Road to nowhere. And that's saying something.

william said...

Aaagh. I've never done a freelance DM job where they haven't asked for something like the Innocent tone of voice. "It's just so natural and naive and charming and fluffy." I myself find it slightly paedophilic in tone. Your friend with the beard Scamp, he's alright is he?

Lunar BBDO said...

Mr Germain is lovely.
Innocent are lovely.
A job for a writer that actually involves writing?
A rare and wonderful thing.

Anonymous said...

no thanks. just clicked on link and almost puked. everyone's writing their suggestions like they're an innocent smoothie. shit like "hey be good Dan" and "talk to Seb he's a bloody nice chap" and i think lunar's got caught in the moment too. i'm staying on scamp and shouting wankers at them all(apart from Dan maybe because everyone seems to be vouching for him.)

dangermain said...

There's a lot of bitterness in the world.

Thanks for the post Scamp.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of bloody horses in this world too. More's the pity.
The fucking side-saddle tolerating, grass munching , muck-outable poofaces.

Anonymous said...

innocent is a great brand. This is a great opportunity. Chill out peoples!

Anonymous said...

I like the Innocent bottles.

I'd rather write the labels on the side of Evian bottles.

'Contains pure natural mineral water'.

Its easier if a little repetative.

But more time for lunch in McDonalds, for an Innocent Smoothie.

Longjon said...

Innocent may or may not be a cool company, and Dan G may or not be a "good egg", but why would any creative who has worked in a multi-client agency environment want to become a word-bot for a single client? For me the thought of being allowed to write about only one subject in only one tone of voice would drive me stark raving mad. Guess its horses for courses...

Anonymous said...

"There's a lot of bitterness in the world" ...

..."Innocent is sweeter"*

do i get the job?

*disclaimer - sweet without sugar though and I have nothing against Innocent. Except I can't afford to drink it.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm it seems not many people want to take you up on the old Innocent Smoothie scribbler job.

Well you know what they say. You can lead a horse to water...(or in this case blended fruit).

Anonymous said...

Innocent may be a cool brand but they are one the worst clients around. Look how they dicked Lowe about over staying or going. They abuse their cool status with agencies

Influstanza said...
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Anonymous said...

Bully for Iain the self righteous one client writer

Anonymous said...

writing for innocent's a piece of piss.
just start everything with 'hello' and make sure you crack an unthreatening gag about your granny about seven-eighths of the way through.
also use asterisks in a cutesy sort of way.
i'm dan at innocent.
i'm looking for writers who can copy me exactly.
Also it'll help if you've got a beard.
Everyone knows I've got a beard now because I've told them so many times.
Except my gran. Please don't tell her. She'll think I'm an axe murderer*.

*not really

dangermain said...

That last anonymous comment gets the job.

Anonymous said...

here are my terms:
100k a year.
work from home.
and i only do tv.
i look forward to hearing from you.
yours etc.