Wednesday, February 13, 2008

If Banner Ads Were Honest...

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Thanks for this tip are due to Doc Rogers (tagline: surfing the web, so you don't have to)


Anonymous said...

Ah, that reminds me. I must get down to DFS before the sale ends.

Anonymous said...

If TV ads were really honest:

Open on Nadine Baggert

NB: Hello. I reckon you're thick enough to believe a load of old toss about how Pentapeptides are a beauty aid, rather than a word we just made up.

Are you still watching? Then you must have replaced your brain with a horse's cock.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that Scamp trailers are very lightweight, and are designed to be easily towed by small cars and trucks.

Fucking horses. They get everywhere. The stupid, big-cocked, posh bird-bucking buggerheads.

Anonymous said...

I had a strange idea today during some spare time on a shoot, you know they tell you to get there at 8am, and nothing gets going until 11am, but you fall for it every time.

What would witnail and I be like if the story had been about a struggling above the line Creative team trying to break into advertising, instead of acting, but the only jobs they get are shitty banner ads.

Might go a bit like this:

Right, you fucker, I'm going to work a digital banner ad agency.

You can't I hear you say . It's impossible, I swear it. I've looked into it. Listen to me, listen to me! There are things in there, there's a tea-bag growing! You haven't slept in sixty hours, you're in no state to tackle it. Wait till the morning, we'll go in together.

This IS the morning. Stand aside I want to work for a digital banner agency, no one outside of clerkenwell has ever heard of!

You don't understand. I think there may be something alive.

What do you mean? a rat?

It's possible, it's possible.

Then the fucker will rue the day!

I told you. You've been bitten!

Burnt! Burnt! The fucking marker pads on fire! There's something floating up.
FORK IT! its a mouse

We've gone into digital banner ads by mistake. We're in this deadend road here. Are you the Digitla banner Creative Director?

Stop saying that Withnail, of course he's the fucking Digital Banner Creative Direcor!

You can stuff it up your arse for nothing and fuck off while you're doing it!

Cleaver said...

Scarily accurate