Saturday, May 26, 2007

Three Truths About Editing

1. As soon as you go to the toilet, someone will take your favourite shot out.

2. The person with the most power in an edit suite... is the person physically sitting nearest the editor.

3. The more different restaurants the group decides to order from, the longer the food takes to come. You all need to agree on one restaurant, and order from there. How hard can it be?


Anonymous said...

Truth 4. Everyone has to go back and cut the client's version

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, how can someone take out your favourite scene when all the commercial is a shit.

I would even spend 4 hours in the toilet hoping they take out all the scenes of the commercial.

Scamp said...

Fred? Farid? Is that you?

Anonymous said...

lol @ comments above

The first two truths are awesome indeed, the last one, oh, the pain and the horror, it's not even funny :(

Do these count as truths too?
The scene you like is too long to be fit in, always
The one you'd like to fit in overall doesn't contain the product
If you find a scene that contains the product and looks decent it would make the ad too long or it JUST happens to contain something that makes it look bad, somehow!

Anonymous said...

truth 5:

if you're cutting a comedy spot, there will come a point in the edit -- usually early on -- where you become convinced that not only is the spot not funny, it never was and never will be. no matter how long you edit it. and it's all your fault.

just then, the assistant comes in with coffee and laughs heartily at it in all the right places without any solicitation. and all is well.

Anonymous said...

Truth 6: Full of pizza and chocolate biscuits, in a warm, dark room, in a comfy chair, you will fall asleep. You wake (sometimes with a muffled shriek) worried that you've,
a) farted
b) snored
You make the editor do something irrelevant to show everyone you're on the ball.