Friday, October 20, 2006

Who Needs Media Spend?

As you probably know, Russell Davies won the APG Battle Of Big Thinking contest.

One of his points (as summarised in Campaign yesterday) was: "the genius of the original brief Wieden & Kennedy got from Honda was 'We want to pass Volkswagen in sales and reduce media spend every year'... the corollary of this is that you eventually get to a media spend of zero."


It immediately took me back to last week, when the Nike/Rooney poster won Gold at Campaign Poster.

The poster only ran once.

But it got millions of pounds worth of free media, making the sports pages of every British newspaper, even the front pages of some - one or two even printed it as a pull-out poster for their readers.

So maybe Russell is right.

If he is, then let's face it, this is the best news of the year for us creatives.

If media spend is going to go right down, clients will need more creativity, so their brands can capture people's attention using less money, instead of ramming a dull message repeatedly down our throats.

P.S. at the end of his talk, Russell apparently played We Are The Champions and said something along the lines of how it is planners not creative directors who are the future of creativity. Okay. Let's lock Russell and his big-domed buddies in in a room with a few layout pads and magic markers and see if they come out with the next Wayne Rooney poster or Honda 'Grrr', shall we? Hmmm? Shall we?

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copyranter said...

yep. everybody's good at "reacting" to ideas. the ol blank white sheet scares the shit out of them, though.