Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Flintham & McLeod Split

One of Flintham & McLeod's greatest hits

Campaign reports that Andy McLeod is leaving Fallon, to become a commercials director.

Scamp wishes him all the best.

McLeod and his long-time partner Richard Flintham were arguably the best creative team in the UK over the last 15 years (other contenders... Paul Belford & Nigel Roberts... Tom Carty & Walter Campbell?) and they were superb creative directors too.

Yes, there had been rumours for a long time that they weren't getting along. (These were always denied).

Perhaps they were getting along, and the Campaign story is true, and Andy just wanted a new challenge.

Who knows what really goes on inside a team...

I quite often get comments or e-mails asking 'what is the secret of a great creative partnership?'

The conventional view is it's:

1. Two people who get on well
2. Two people who have the same view of advertising
3. Two people who share the same goals

On the other hand, you could argue that the two members of a team should be very different. After all, if they think the same, why have two of them?

The cynical view is that a creative team consists of:

Two people, of whom only one can draw
or One thinker and one talker
or One writer and one pacer
or Two people called Matt & Phil, Matt & Steve, Matt & Pete, Pete & Steve, or Phil & Steve

The analogy I always make is that a creative partnership is like a marriage, and just as there are many different types of successful marriages, there are many different types of successful creative partnership.

In the end, all one can say is that the proof of a good partnership is in the ideas that come out of it.

And Flintham & McLeod produced some of the greats.


copyranter said...

I've found that I work best with art directors that I fight like shit with.

Anonymous said...

I agree that creative partnerships are like a marriage. Just ask my wife Steve.

ZFR said...

You forgot Dan & Dave.