Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What Is CHI's Secret?

The front page of this week's Campaign magazine announces: "Britvic shifts £.2.5m J2O [an orange juice brand] from BBH to CHI."

CHI wins yet another account. Not big news really. They've gone from start-up to top ten agency in about five years.

But what amazed me was what the story revealed further down.

"Britvic's still-drinks business saw growth of 9 per cent. This was driven by strong sales of... J2O" meanwhile "Britvic reports a 9 per cent slump in sales of its carbonated drinks" many of which (e.g. Tango) are handled by... CHI.

So the agency that was doing well lost the account... to the agency that was doing badly.


Until you consider CHI's secret weapon. Johnny Hornby. (That's him in the picture).

To say he's quite an impressive account man would be like saying Brazil are not bad at football.

I've met him a few times. I don't know how he does it, but when he's talking to you... it's like the sun's shining. Clients give him their business because they just want to be around him.

Anyone else have ideas on what makes a good account man?


Anonymous said...

Cup the balls and work the shaft.

Will said...

I think the ability you mention, to make others think the world is a nicer place is key.

The other crucial one, I think, is to have a 'people radar'; to be able to read people/gauge their responses effectively.