Friday, June 16, 2006

Shock Horror - Marketing Actually Works

Shortly after writing a post called Advertising Works - Unfortunately I have recently come to another blinding realisation. Marketing works too.

You see, we used to give my 3 year old daughter yoghurt. Then she decided she didn't like it. Then we discovered a product called Frubes. She loves it. And what are Frubes? That's right. Yoghurt in a tube.

All they changed was the name, and the packaging... and it worked.

(P.S. it didn't hurt that she saw TV ads featuring some amusing Frubes characters who get their heads ripped off and their insides sucked out).


SchizoFishNChimps said...

I couldn't get my oldest nipper to drink fresh fruit juice. I bought him some Sunny D which at the time was at the height of its marketing blitz and he considered cool. He loved it.
We topped it up with real, fresh orange juice and he didn't clock on to the fact that the level never dropped. Eventually the carton was 100% pure orange juice.
Job done.

Maulleigh said...

Now if only someone could put brussel sprouts and lima beans in a kickin' tube, I might eat those.

Eh, probably not.