Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cadbury's Trucks - The Verdict

First of all, I'm pissed that Juan's used "Don't Stop Me Now" - I've got a car ad in my bottom drawer that only works with that track, so it will never get made now.

But let's face it, this is a very, very good ad.

The trucks are full of character, and there's a moment - when the flames shoot out and the song kicks in - when even a cynical old hack like me feels a tingle.

Sure, it's not quite as good as "Gorilla", but it's closer in standard than "Paint" was to "Balls".

Has any one Creative ever had such a run of success - bearing in mind that these ads are not just hits, they are mega-hits?

It's Juan's world, folks. The rest of us just live in it.


rjhayter said...

This is OK, but no better. For me it's there with the Sony 'music project' stuff.

I think Juan is at his best when he pays with context: thousands of coloured balls bouncing down the street; a gorilla plays the drums.

This ad doesn't do that. It's airport trucks on a runway. OK, they're hot-rod airport trucks (we assume: they don't look like they're going very fast) but they're in they're normal environment. So it's not as unexpected and not as much fun. Maybe if they'd been racing around a normal road it might have worked better and looked faster?

Le Quesnemuff St John said...

It would be funnier if we got a sense of how slowly they were going. It needs some context like a bird walking down the side of the runway to show that they are actually going quite slowly and therefore doing it simply for the pure joy of the race.
I got bored halfway through. Sorry, I'm wrong I know which is why I made up my name so no one would know who I was and I wouldn't be fired for being wrong.

ADD CD said...

That's cool. I like it, a lot. I like the sound track the look of it. Direction is simple an un complicated. But it was a shame to see human beings in the spot, i.e. the hand tightening the nut, and the hand changing gear. Thought it would have been cooler to give us the idea that this is what all the trucks do by themselves when no humans are around, like the Gary Larson cartoon where some cows are all standing upright in a field having a chat, and one of them says to the others 'quick, quick there is car coming'. Giving the trucks a bit more of a personality, like Herbie the VW Beetle, who had a week little beep, would have given us more of a smile as the little truck won. Its the best ad on telly right now, although I do have a soft spot for those Bunny suicide inspired spots for Cadbury Cream eggs.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how well this'll go down in the context of all the T5 stuff - could actually give it extra topicality.

My initial reaction is the same as with Gorilla - I love the idea of the ad, in that it doesn't follow the normal rules, is much looser and a bit stupid, and moves advertising on from its normal clever endline comfort zone.

But both of them just feel a bit cold to me. Can't help thinking Harry Hill would have directed them better.

There's this weird paradoxical feeling that you're watching a fun idea that is nevertheless managing to take itself too seriously.

Anonymous said...

I really like the idea, but i know what you mean, there needs to be those two seconds where you realize how slowly they're actually going,

And did they really need to go to mexico or wherever it was to film it?

S'nice though.

Gene Wilder

Anonymous said...

People, take your Juan tinted spectacles off!

It’s good but not great. Looks amazing but feels a little flat, I was waiting for it to really kick off but then it ended.

Guarantee there will be a better ad this year.

Rachel and Debbie said...

i agree with the above... Theres much better out there! granted a follow up to gorilla is the hardest thing to do but this didnt do to me what they intended: Put a smile on my face. It is beautifully made and the attention to detail is fantastic but... it doesnt go on my list of favourite ads whereas balls, paint, bunnies, gorilla and the music project (plus a whole load of none juan ads) do. So for me its a Disappointment.

Paul said...

i like it but wonder if it this had been made before gorilla, would it be written off as random / pointless?

Anonymous said...

It's just alright. I don't wish i'd done it. Can't believe there's so much fuss about this. Hate myself for commenting on it. Glad I'm anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Where is the beautifully simple idea?
Where is the humour?
What is the point?

Gorilla, led you in, intrigued you and surprised you with great humour, and was wonderfully mashable and spreadable, giving it an extended life beyond the Phil Collins track. Can you see the audience remixing this? Will someone hurry up and remix it with BOB THE BUILDER music please?
I might laugh then...

Mr kite said...

Just shows you, don't hype a bloody ad up so much, it will only fail to meet expectations.

re someone earlier, me too can't believe I'm commenting on this on a sat afternoon when I should be out looking for skimpy bikini's to show off my new camel toe.

Anonymous said...

I think that this is as much about Phil Rumbol at Cadbury blowing smoke out of his arse as it is abour Juan....

Anonymous said...

I don't want to criticise. Really. I loved Gorilla. I thought it had character and charm and the music resurrected an uncool artist you could watch it again and again.

But this is little more than trucks driving forward to a song that people like to drive to.

There's no charm or personality at all in this film (can't really call it an ad). I'm amazed anyone could put this in the same bracket as Gorilla.

Glass half full is a campaign idea that allows the creatives to do anything. This is just boring. I have no desire to watch that ad again. I think it's better if he sticks to stealing ideas. Because in terms of creativity, this ad blows. Sorry.

I bet the public don't talk about it.

Anonymous said...

juan aluah, juan aluha, aluaha aluaaaha!

Dont stop this man now, he's having sucha good time - must be a nod to his current experiance

Anonymous said...

i might start a Juan appreciation group on facebook, anyone want to join?

Anonymous said...

a polished turd.

Chuffed to bits said...

Don't wish I'd done it.

Don't want to see it again.

Don't want to be happy about that... But fuck it...

Thank fuck.

Amelia said...

I just didn't enjoy it at all.

The first time that I saw Gorilla I was utterly bemused and confused, and had to watch it again...and again. By the third view I loved it and emailed it to everyone I knew. Gorilla remains for me one of the funniest, most bizarre bits of content that I have seen for a long time.

Trucks just left me a bit cold, I think that I just found it a bit boring really. Lacked any emotion.

Gorilla was a hard ad to follow. In my opinion Trucks didn't hit the mark.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of us have been waiting or even hoping for Juan to make a bit of a dud, and by his standards Trucks is not one of his best. The guy is amazingly talented but when you get the pick of the best briefs in town and clients who sign blank cheques its quite a relief to know the rest of us still have a chance of winning some awards.

pisspoorenglish said...

Refer to the hype comment on the earlier thread.

I'm not sure if I'd like it more if it wasn't for the hype...but I thought that was bobbins. Not a patch on the Gorilla.

And while I'm at it, yeah the cheesy soundtrack worked on Gorilla... but this is a poor choice of song. Ads like the bouncing balls etc all work beautifully for me, and rely a lot on the music.

Anyway...who I am to judge? You're a consumer and a critic you fool, it's pap.

rdsrae said...

Quite nice.

I like the idea of servile, slow unhappy trucks freeing themselves from the mundane and having a laugh. I like that thought. It seems to fit the campaign idea.

Agree about the human hands being in there. But I guess the question is why was it there?

Anonymous said...

Shame the ad is so short, all those brilliant lyrics they couldn't use:

Tonight Im gonna have myself a real good time
I feel alive and the world turning inside out yeah!
And floating around in ecstasy
So dont stop me now dont stop me
cause Im having a good time having a good time

Im a shooting star leaping through the sky
Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity
Im a racing car passing by like lady godiva
Im gonna go go go
Theres no stopping me

Im burning through the sky yeah!
Two hundred degrees
Thats why they call me mister fahrenheit
Im travling at the speed of light
I wanna make a supersonic man out of you

Dont stop me now Im having such a good time
Im having a ball dont stop me now
If you wanna have a good time just give me a call
Dont stop me now (cause Im havin a good time)
Dont stop me now (yes Im havin a good time)
I dont want to stop at all

Im a rocket ship on my way to mars
On a collision course
I am a satellite Im out of control
I am a sex machine ready to reload
Like an atom bomb about to
Oh oh oh oh oh explode

Im burning through the sky yeah!
Two hundred degrees
Thats why they call me mister fahrenheit
Im travling at the speed of light
I wanna make a supersonic woman of you

Dont stop me dont stop me
Dont stop me hey hey hey!
Dont stop me dont stop me ooh ooh ooh (I like it)
Dont stop me dont stop me
Have a good time good time
Dont stop me dont stop me ah

Im burning through the sky yeah!
Two hundred degrees
Thats why they call me mister fahrenheit
Im travling at the speed of light
I wanna make a supersonic man out of you

Dont stop me now Im having such a good time
Im having a ball dont stop me now
If you wanna have a good time just give me a call
Dont stop me now (cause Im havin a good time)
Dont stop me now (yes Im havin a good time)
I dont want to stop at all

rdsrae said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
proxikid said...

Without a single change straight from scrip.
How many of you can do that?

Christos said...

It's Called Cabrality.

Chris Gough said...

I'm not convinced by this one. In my world nothing can live up to Yorkie's trucker from the '80s.

bored said...

seriously, this ad is dull.
what's exciting about watching some trunks drive down a straight road.
i don't get why they ever thought it would be exciting.
a gorilla plays the drums - wicked.
some trucks driving down an airport runway - er, if you must.

Anonymous said...

cabral didn't make the walkman ad

Anonymous said...

oh jesus, i'm not even sure what to say.. for about the first 30 seconds i thought it was going to be amazing, it looked really gorgeous and i forgave them the disgusting soundtrack but then by the end, i was completely dissapointed.. how were the trucks having fun? watching them drive up a runway gave me little to no joy? i wasn't a fan of gorilla either, but this is worse no matter how guilty i feel saying it. he's basically written his own brief and then made it less interesting than you'd hope...

Lunar BBDO said...


the golden oracle of truth said...

The fella had everything at his disposal (brief: make a positive-feeling entertaining piece of film with a million quid and 90 seconds) and came up with something that falls well short of one of those daft things they do on Top Gear.

What a fucking genius.

Anonymous said...

the hairs on my neck settled down quickly, my massive hard on went limp very quickly.
if any other agency had wrote this ad it would get a slating.

very poor.

Anonymous said...

scamp you licker. the ad is not very good. and you know it.

Anonymous said...

This has even less to do with Cadbury's than Gorilla which at least was pretty entertaining. Does this really deliver a glass and a half of joy? More like just over a third of a glass in my book

kate moss said...

This was about as joyous as waking up to find my pussy replaced by Ann Widdecombe, all the world's penises turned into old ladies' tits, my clit as sensitive as a bollard, my wanking finger replaced by wet cardboard and coke and crack made illegal.

(ie, not very joyous at all.)

richard huntington said...

Now I know whats going on at terminal five to cause all the fuck ups

Scamp said...

I agree there shouldn't have been humans in the ad - would be more fun if the trucks were doing it for themselves.

And, it's not as good as Gorilla.

It's "only" the best ad of the year so far.

Scamp said...

Actually, second best after 'Do the test'

Anonymous said...

Scamp, it’s the most expensive, glossy ad of the year, not the best.

Anonymous said...

i actually think that the idea is good.
what really lets this down for me is the direction. obviously the senor is a little less handy with a story-telling spot than a static primate on the drums.
if frank or ivan or nicholai or even danny had shot this it would have been way better.

Anonymous said...

The gorilla was sort of joyful and it was about a glass and a half's worth (or at least I thought so) - just a gorilla in a rehersal room with a drum kit, pretty simple really, aprrox: 1 1/2 glasses.

The new one doesn't seem like a glass and a half's worht of anything - maybe it's like a glass and a half at Jerry Brukheimer's house, but to me it seems like about 50 million andf a half glass fulls, and whatever those glasses are filled with, it doesn't feel like joy to me - smugness maybe. It's too flash, and just ISN'T a glass and a half full of joy. It looks cool and sounds good, but I don't really like it.

Anonymous said...

Scamp… what is so good about loads of trucks racing down a runway?

Sorry, I just can’t see what there is too like about it…

Anonymous said...

Here at my production company we think that as chocolate ads go it ain't up there with that great Thornton's ad shot by the great Harmony Korinne. Now that's proper bleedin' good.

Anonymous said...

Christ, am I the only one who is bored with all this Juan hype, what is the point of the rest of us trying if anything he does gets lauded by sickafantic idots, even when this one is clearly just ok. There are a lot great ads and creatives who deserve some of the hype that our privileged friend gets.

Anonymous said...

Who is the main target for Cadbury's Dairy Milk? Women! Do they like racing lorries and baggage trucks and other assorted trucks and machinery? Do they fucl! This is so wide of the mark it's worse than a Beckham penalty against Portugal.

Mr Kite said...

Oooooh Mr Cabral, the landing lights are on and I'm your landing strip.

Call me Port Stanley and shuv your Belgrano where it Belongs, I'm glad my cock is no longer attached, my port is your's, invade me.

By the way the jar I've been keeping my old cock in is now looking like a jar of out of date lobster bisque, so I'm going down to the serpentine tomorrow morning in hyde Park and I'm going to let the old chap go free, no don't stop me now
I'm a rocket ship on my way to mars on a collision course I'm a satellite I'm out of control I am a sex machine ready to reload.

p.s I looooove the purple sky in the truck ad, very on brand.

Anonymous said...

awful. terrible. no discernible idea or even a tenuous attempt at some vague connection to the product. it's neith funny, nor dramatic nor interesting. and of course it lacks humanity because that would entail actual film-making as opposed to camera-pointing.

wouldn't put it on my reel. wouldn't put it anywhere near my reel. put down the crack pipes UK ad peeps. this is boring.

n-o-t-h-i-n-g happened in the spot.

boring mcpisspot said...

Scamp didn't always love Juan.

Glad to see he's finally won you over.

ken stopper said...

I love it. I think it's brilliant. Great track. Great idea. I just want to watch it again and again and again. I just want to run out right now and buy a big fucking slab of Dairy Milk, carve it into little finger shapes and tease my khaki starfish into submission. Juan is great. As far as I'm concerned he could pop a funnel in my gob and let loose with a pint of the runs. I'd gladly beg for seconds. I've had to stop using him as the inspiration for my hand-shandies because my ejaculations are now too vigorous (three holes in the ceiling and one dead cat).

Anonymous said...

re 9.12pm

think you hit the nail on the head there my Yankee friend!

Think Scamp likes a bit of Argentine crack.

Anonymous said...

On almost any measure this pisses on the shit that the rest of you miserable lot have put out in your entire careers.

Prob Ab Leerong said...

What the hll is good about this? What was so good about some coloured balls jumping down a hill? Or am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

I think it's cool, but I'm just an account man.

David Abbott said...
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Anonymous said...

Re 11.09am

You have no idea who I am or anyone else on here you fool.

To make such a sweeping statement suggests to me you are some failed creative?

David Abbott said...
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Anonymous said...

The question is if you was given that brief and budget could you make a better ad?

I could.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth did Carbury’s let Juan direct such a big number on the back of just one ad, fair enough it was Gorilla but it doesn’t show extensive directorial skills. Big mistake.

He has done a good job but it could have been a lot better, I know the guy is talented but is it not a big arrogant to think he can write the theme tune… sing the theme tune…

Anon tea boy/girl said...

Told you.

don't forget:

Anonymous said...

When you first heard it was about trucks or trucks racing down a runway at an airport, isn't this about what you imagined? Nothing more, nothing less?

I'd argue that given a month on the brief many of the world's creatives could have come up with something as good if not better.

That to me is where the real disappointment lies.

I don't wish I'd done it and I could have done it better.

henry chilcott said...

It leaves me a bit cold.
Probably because the emotional connection we felt with the primate isn't there with a bunch of pimped trucks.
To me, it's an expression of pure joy that never quite climaxes.
But nice to watch, wish I'd been involved, will probably do very well etc.

Guy Galloway said...

Here is "Trucks" evil twin:

I think that the Cadbury ad ended too abruptly and the fact that you saw people driving the trucks made it feel like they weren't in control - that it wasn't their choice to do it and most of the time when you aren't in control of something it ain't that joyous. But what do I know, I'm still trying to get a placement...

Anonymous said...

"Did you see the new Cadburys ad with the trucks on the runway?"


"Oh, it's great"

"What happens?"

"Well there's these trucks on a runway. And some luggage falls out. and one of the trucks flies or something".


Fake Kevin Keegan said...

Won't sell much chocolate.

Will sell Matchbox collectors items.

My wife said "WTF is that all about?" and then went back to her paper.

Plus if you are the owner of one of the 15,000 pieces of baggage that are located not adjacent to you, but somewhere around Heathrow's Terminal 5 airport, you'll probably think that Cadbury's are epic cunts for this.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Cadbury's going to release an eighties album, Gorilla was ironically bizarre, this just fails on every level, it’s just not cool.

Anonymous said...


I wish my clients had the balls to approve anything even as remotely as entertaining as this.

Sure it isn't a truly great ad. A great ad would probably entertain AND give me a product hook of some sort (and no I don't think that 'joy = cadbury's chocolate' is quite enough).

Or, as in the case of Gorilla, entertain so much that I wanted to work out for myself what the link with the product was.

This ad just titillates and then drops in a brand name.

But at least someone might want to watch this to the end to see what happens.

You can't really say that about most of the work that comes out of most agencies these days.

Be honest.

Anonymous said...

I guess this is what happens when you sell a client a dusty bottom drawer script (Gorilla) and try to back-fit a lame strategy.

Anonymous said...

That was bad.

Anonymous said...

fallon. gis a job. please?

Gene Wilder

Anonymous said...

It was the swedish team at Fallons that did that Sony Music Project Walkman commercial? Not The Argentinian. No?

Chance the Gardener said...

I like to watch,

even trucks


along a runway.

Anonymous said...

I was watching telly with a bunch of mates when it came on yesterday.

It had lost everyone's attention halfway through and they stopped watching it.


Anonymous said...

I'd like a job too, Fallon! Juan, if you;re reading


Anonymous said...

A bit pants.

Gorilla was not obly a great ad, but an important ad - I think it will be looked back on in years to come. This one? No - it looks great, but the genius of the gorilla was curiousity, and the unexpected - this one has too much to live up to. The hype, by definition meant that it would never be as good.

mm said...

still better than bell ringing monks.

Anonymous said...

I can't get that bloody song out my head now.

Rob Mortimer said...

This shows exactly why creatives are better on smaller budgets.

It's fun to watch, its enjoyable, but is it anywhere near as good as Gorilla? Not really.

The site of people destroys the Transformers machine effect.

Back to Cabreality.

Anonymous said...

Think the new ad is actually v good. Didn't smile with joy at first because too sick with jealous rage.

Agree about the human hands, but then maybe this is the genius of it. Thought the gorilla twitches were a bit too much to begin with, but then grew to love them.

Can't think of any sequels that have been able to trump their originals, except maybe some of the later police academys.

The hype was pretty high and trucks was never really going to fulfill anyone's expectations. Still v different to anything else out there at the moment and the bar has been set quite high this year. Again.

Q, Would JC do as well if he wasn't working at fallon or would he be crafting shelf wobblers like the rest of us ?

Anonymous said...

He'd still be doing good work.

Anonymous said...

this smacks of someone who spends too much time sat on runways and has forgotten that for the vast majority of the population airport trucks hold no appeal or emotional attachment whatsoever...

Anonymous said...

Watched it twice and liked it more the second time. I agree with quesnemuff about slowness being funnier. The wole conceit is ridiculous, and I love it for that.

Does rather feel that they thought they'd throw money at the next one, where I still think a perfectly executed small idea would suit Cadburys better.

I notice on David there's been quite a backlash. I think that's deeply pathetic sour grapes myself.

You children.

Anonymous said...

When I heard a certain JC was going to pimp up some airport trucks and race them down a dull runway I thought they must be talking about Jeremy Clarkson and not the messiah.

If Top Gear had done it it would have been funnier and probably shot alot better, this poor effort scores an off the scale on the un-cool wall.

Anonymous said...

The follow up is utter tosh! How boring and uninspiring. Where's the emotion supposedly coming from the 'Glass & A Half Of Joy'. I reckon Juan's taking the complete piss! And if you disagree, then lick my big, fat hairy gorilla balls!

Anonymous said...

Could this be the 'inspiration'????

It's much more unexpected and better directed and in true Juan style it's been doing the rounds on production company reels since 2005.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're not my CD.

Anonymous said...

when i heard the idea made me think of that plane racing animation....when i saw the ad i just thought it was a bit shit.

Anonymous said...

Racing planes. Racing trucks.

Neither are that interesting.

Anonymous said...

Scamp, you're very quiet this morning. Are you lot at BBH all busy reading up on the CHI pay packets that have apparently been sent over to you?

Anonymous said...

It's only getting 'good' ratings cos Cabral did it.

It's just average. In fact, it's boring.

Gorilla worked because it was a highly original expression of 'joy.'

Baggage handlers racing their trucks is an expression of frustration - of spending all day trying to figure out how to work T5's fucked up computer system, and letting off steam at BAA's expense.

It's not that good at all.

Anonymous said...

He's only gone and looted the children's classic.


Anonymous said...

What short memories everyone has.

The gorilla ad was met with an equal amount of scepticism and in fact was slated in the advertising community initially, until it started to receive the huge amount of interest and copycating on youtube.

This will probably do the same and the fickle turncoats amongst us will be angrily clapping at the awards ceremonies. And then enthusiastically telling each other how great it is.

It's still a lot better and more unexpected than every other ad out there at the moment.

Hats off, they've probably done it again.

Anonymous said...

bore off

Anonymous said...

not impressed. at all.


The Doc said...

That reminds me, has anyone seen my suitcase?

Anonymous said...

This ad was deliberately made to annoy stupid people.
I makes them angry and they say things like "but whats it got to do with chocolate and....its not as good as the gorilla"
Well it certainly works.
There are soap powder ads on the other channels just switch over, or carry on making them.
Have some perspective, your bitterness reeks.

Anonymous said...

It is very good. And you know it.
Envy is ugly people.

Anonymous said...

If they put a large pile of dump on the TV screen with a fallon flag in it juries would probably give it a gold, I suspect they'll do the same with this.

This ad is a navel gazing, self reverential piece of emperors new clothing that most non ad people will just ignore. If someone like JWT did it everyone would say it was cack, so we should all be honest and say it's a juanaturd.

Anonymous said...

berries and cream. now that's how you sell sweets!

Anonymous said...

Gorilla wasn't as good as everyone said and this isn't as bad as everyone is saying. But whether or not I think it's any good doesn't really matter - like Gorilla it will be deemed a success or failure by youtube hits and people in the real world talking about it. What I do know is that everyone in advertising should hope it works because whether you like Gorilla or not it showed that all you have to do is be entertaining and that's about the best thing to happen to advertising in years.

Anonymous said...

Makes me want to go and see 'Cars' not eat chocolate.

Hugo Mountbosom said...

If it's all done on yutube hits then Berries and Cream shits on Gorilla by a bloody mile. Where's the award for Berries and Cream? At the very least it should get one for not being stolen, it should also get one for being fucking hilarious (hilariouser than gorilla).

*Realises advertising is just a load of opinions and doesn't really matter*
*gets proper job*

Anonymous said...

hugo knows what's up. thank you for saying that.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I seem to have stumbled upon the Juan Cabral Teenage Groupie Forum. I suppose the stench of dampness should have given it away.

Anonymous said...

As posted earlier in the comments, I want to see the Bob the Builder track mash uped on it.

clem said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
clem said...

Doesn't do anything for me, I don't see the point, all seems like they've got a budget to die for and total creative access but have failed to deliver here, it's just running on the back of past victories, I think this will fail badly. I also wish everyone would stop kissing Juan's arse. Yawn.

Cynical Rob said...

It's shit Scamp - come on man - I know Creatives have to stick together but this is self indulgent rubbish and anyone who talks about it's 'art' is forgetting the job they are supposed to do.

Anonymous said...

Anyone worked with Phil Rumbol? How much will he have influenced this and Gorilla... and the Creme Eggs stuff?

youknowwhoiam said...

This ad is the ultimate crowbar.

A bloke in the know said...

I don't know what the fuzz is all about.
Of course it's self indulgent. All of his best ads have.

Juan loves bouncing balls and would have paid himself if he could have afforded it just to throw lots of them down SF. He seized the opportunity to make Sony pay for it and turned out to be a great ad but it never was a custom made idea for the brand.

Gorilla was another obsession since his days in Buenos Aires as Scamp has already reported. Again, it was a success. (or a second fluke?).

So why wouldn't he be self indulgent on this one?
It has worked for him before - just check his bank balance.

Anonymous said...

re 9.12am

phil who?

The Voice of Reason said...

It's a load of old tosh...deep down we all know's not entertaining, it's not funny, and it's not directed very that off my chest

Headhunter said...

Are you trying to get a job at Fallon, Scamp?
Otherwise I don't get your review of this ad.
I don't think is shit but it's certainly not good.
It ends up right in the middle. Not a great place to be for London's best creative, huh?

Seriously, is it a job you're after, mate?

Adam said...

I like the ad... but it's just missed that suprise of gorilla, it shouldn't need one but I wanted a twist or a turn to link it back to the glass and a half line.

have a look at this though guys... i'm sure you would have preferred this as the soundtrack scamp so you could have kept you ad in the bank...

Anonymous said...

There's a better version here

It's amazing what a small change will do!

Anonymous said...

is it?
still boring images with a good soundtrack.

Anonymous said...

it's nicely shot total fucking bollocks

Anonymous said...

i don't know, is this juan cabral's send off ad? is he really leaving fallon to land the main job in lisbon? bbdo? no? april fools or juan fools?
or yes, someone is leaving the building, but not juan?
Webster 2.0

Anonymous said...

I've said it before, and I'll keep saying it until we all collectively realise it - Gorilla was a shit ad. There, I've said it, and I'll say it again, Gorilla was a shit ad. Here's why.

It's the sort of thing we all think we're supposed to like because some creative somewhere managed to spend client's money without really showing client's logo and/or product.

But, and this is the important bit, the ad doesn't do anything for the product either. It's far too obscure for the average schmoe to connect the dots. I know because I lost count of the number of time friends sent me the link to the drumming gorilla but did so without any real knowledge it was an ad for Cadbury's. Even after all of the publicity, some people I know still don't know it's a Cadbury's ad. So tell me, how good was it really?

And Trucks is a shitter version of Gorilla.

I love the idea of selling things in a different way, just keep them relevant to what you're trying to sell.

Now let's all take a collective breath, realise the error of our ways, and move on.


Anonymous said...

Do I like it? Meh. It's o.k. Did it put a little smile on my face? Yes. So, I guess it reinforced "Joy."

Now, when I step back and look at this from the eyes of my 3-1/2 year-old nephew, I think they've got a goldmine.

He loves the movie Cars. He'd watch this and think it was the coolest thing ever.

Then he'd ask my sister-in-law if it was for a movie and she'd say, "no dear, that was for a Cadbury chocolate bar." Then he'd say, "Can I have a chocolate bar, mommy?"

Or maybe not. Did it make me feel better about Cadbury in some small way? Yes. Would it make my sister-in-law feel better about Cadbury in some small way because they made her son/my nephew smile? Yes.

It's chocolate. It makes you feel good. This is an ad. If you take off your bullshit advertising critic glasses and just sit back and enjoy it for what it is - a minute or so of fun entertainment - it makes you feel good.

It brings you joy. Stop taking yourselves so seriously. It's only advertising.

Anonymous said...

Any Account Director worth his salt wouldn't have let this out the building.

Anonymous said...

Will your weak of mind nephew end up diabetic and obese? Yes.

Anonymous said...

The people that really matter in this are the general public - they are the consumers.

I've spoken to a lot of non-advertising people who really dislike the ad. They say it's dull and completely irrelevant. It left them thinking WTF. They're right.

Most of the general public liked the gorilla because it was fresh and unexpected but Juan if you're reading this, i'm afraid this ad is a failure.

It's completely self indulgent.

Anonymous said...

Did Cabral get confused and think he was making another Bravia ad?

Anonymous said...

Does Juan know nothing about advertising?

An advert is supposed to SELL a product.

Anonymous said...

To assume people feel 'let down' is a bit arrogant. No one cares. If something brilliant as Gorilla comes out of telly from time to time, great, if not, who cares is Eastenders they're watching, not your stupid ad. No one cares.

Except us losers in here.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

really really boring. next.

Anonymous said...

some people get a carriage clock for their services, cabral just got to bring his wet dream to life.
Dull dull dull

Anonymous said...

' a fun idea that is nevertheless managing to take itself too seriously'

nail. head. done

Anonymous said...

I think cabral has had a glass and a half too many

No More Suits said...

If the ad is portraying the theme of joy. Then it's bang on, everyone loves a good race and the sound track is spot on. I do have one suggestion though. I personally think it would have been better if we didn't see the drivers. The trucks should just be alive.

Anonymous said...

It ain't shit, i liked it when i saw it, then again i liked gorilla the first time, then got really bored of it.

i reckon juan might become a victim of his own success, people expect something great now.

Balls was nice, but amazing? Not really, for me anyway.

To be honest i'm bored of all the fuss over juan, good luck to him.

Captain Awesome said...

I love your blog. I also think this is a fun spot, and I excitedly watched the whole thing. However, maybe I'm too much of a linear thinker, because neither this nor Gorilla have given me any desire to buy chocolate.

I know I always want to do something, creative, cool, slick or funny, something no one's ever seen before. Then coworkers and clients will say, how does this sell Brand X? As advertisers, are we sometimes smooth-talking clients, just so they'll pay us to do something we think is cool?

Just a thought.

Scamp said...

It's a good thought.

You're right that we probably do sometimes smooth-talk clients into doing cool stuff simply because we want to.

But fortunately, cool ads sell a lot more product than dull ones do. So I don't feel guilty about it.

Kevin said...

I think the Gorilla success has gone to his head. Trucks has no real idea behind it and even less charm and you don't want to watch it again. Apart from that...

Graham 'Agish-Suit' Bravery said...

It's a terrible tail coasting. I'd almost forgotten about this moor of laziness. I can picture the scene. Numb skulled clients and suits patting themselves on the back for going with zany Gorilla. "Blah blah pioneers, blah 'so random' (eugh), so let's do another one... make it the same but different"
The thing about the zeitgeist is that it moves.

Hino Trucks said...

Love that advert! Has anyone seen the top gear version? apparently they where making a version.