Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pushing Tin

The new VW ads from Crispin Porter are of course brilliant.

What bugs me is a piece in Adweek quotes DDB New York creative director Lee Garfinkel saying: "I kind of applaud anybody who does something that goes against the norm... now let's wait and see if it translates into sales."

For Christ's sake, Lee. Sales are affected by all kinds of things other than advertising. Do you really have to check the sales figures before you can decide whether it's a good ad or not?

Mind you, the quote from Kathy Delaney, chief creative officer and president of Deutsch New York, is totally moronic. "They don't give any reason why a VW Jetta is safer," she says. Well, first of all, there is a super on the endframe that says 'Number 1 performer in side impact crash tests' or something. So she's blind. And second of all, who needs a reason for everything? Was there a reason for Whassup? Was there a reason for PlayStation 'Mountain'? Call Procter & Gamble, Kathy. Maybe they're hiring.


copyranter said...

yeah, Fuck You Cathy. Go bang your fucking head against the ugly concrete walls of your stupid sweat shop of an agency.

Anonymous said...

No reason why they're safer... hmmm.

Um, maybe the group of people, while shaken up, but STILL ALIVE AND WELL STANDING AROUND AFTER THE CRASH?