Monday, June 29, 2015

Hidden Gems Of Cannes 2015

While the Grand Prix and Golds get most of the attention, I like to pick through the Silver and Bronze pile, to find the hidden gems.

These are the ads that won't change the world, and didn't get huge coverage (if any) in the trade press, but are nevertheless excellent. In my opinion, obvs.

In amongst the usual big-budget promotions for batteries and Sharpies, there was actually some rather nice print work.

Sweet. Simple. Silver in Outdoor and Press.
Simple and funny. All you want in a beer ad. Bronze in Outdoor. (Click to embiggen).

Why don't more people make ads using the company's logo? The result is inevitably both strong and well-branded... Bronze in Outdoor. (In case you can't read the line, it says "Bi-Xenon Headlamps").

Maybe I'm biased, as this work is from our sister agency A&E DDB London. Or maybe I'm biased because I'm a cat fan. (If you're one too, you'll want to check out the awesome making-of video). But I absolutely love this campaign for Mars Temptations, which won Silver in Outdoor and Press.

S7 Airlines must be from Russia, although they hired W+K to make their ad. Wise choice, because it's brilliant. Starts out like a cliché, then twists hard, so stick with it.

Melanoma Likes Me. Wow, just wow. Best use of Instagram so far? Almost certainly. So simple, and yet so sinister, really. Silver in Promo & Activations, Bronze in Creative Data. (Is that a category now? I guess it is).

Taco Bell Blackout. Ballsy, counterintuitive thinking... that sounds like it really paid off. Bronze in Cyber. 

Honourable mentions to the Dead Island trailer (Bronze in Film), Saving Aslan (also Bronze in Film) and Nazis Against Nazis (Bronze in Cyber).

Something caught your eye in the silver and bronze pile? Share it in the comments. Or just general opinions about this year's work. Why not.


JB said...

Just being the asshole that says "the first print ad in your list has been done".

Scamp said...

Similar. But I think 'distraction' is a slightly different territory to 'promise'? And the Freddo execution gets extra points for simplicity.

jimferron said...

Thanks Simon for a refreshingly different perspective. Cannes seems to be blinding the industry with novelty and an inexhaustible appetite for hype and bombast. Meanwhile, the ads that speak with simple meaning to consumers are run over in the scramble to showcase the 'creativity' created purely for the self-glory of Cannes itself.

Scamp said...

Well put. Actually I just watched a nice talk by Amir Kassaei, the Global Chief Creative Officer of DDB. His basic theme was "let's not forget about real people. And let's not forget that our job is to sell stuff!"

George said...

Tena Men. Total reinvention of a product no creative would want to write on and no director would want to shoot.
Just gobsmacked that this missed the cut. Cannes (and other awards organisations) always talk about 'game changing work'. This is it.

Scamp said...

I tend to agree. Should have been shortlisted.

Anonymous said...

That Bi Xenon ad is great. Old school great idea plus massive fucking logo. I'm jealous of that because I wouldn't have thought of it. I would have thought of "Shot on an iPhone 6."

Anonymous said...

Thanks for digging those out Scamp. That melanoma thing is great. Love how the case study didn't pound out made up facts at the end.

Anonymous said...

I really liked how simple and powerful this is: