Monday, August 25, 2014

Why Your Perspective Is Wrong

I call it the Inside/Outside problem.

I first heard about this in relation to Hollywood. Apparently in LA, the most common talk among screenwriters is about how it's nearly impossible to sell a script nowadays. That's all the screenwriters do, all day long - sit around and bitch about how none of the producers are buying.

Meanwhile, what are the producers doing? Sitting around bitching about how it's impossible to find decent material.

I think the same problem applies throughout advertising too.

For example, when you're a young Creative, outside the industry but trying to get in, your perspective is roughly: "Oh my God, there are so many people trying to get in, and so few openings, it's impossible to get a job!"

But when you're a Creative Director, inside the industry looking out, your perspective is roughly: "Oh my God, there are so few talented young Creatives out there, it's impossible to find a good one!"

Similarly for becoming a CD. You're sitting there thinking how hard it is to get a CD job. Meanwhile, the CEO's are all bemoaning how hard it is to find a great CD.

I don't know what the answer is, folks.

I'm just bringing you the problem.


Anonymous said...

Love your perspective ! I been trying to find a great production manager for TVC land - because there's so few very good ones the best are always booked out. So I just nabbed a friend of mine prev a senior account service person in a top ad agency - who is super sharp, great attitude and fits in perfectly with our culture. No previous skills in production area - but I only need to show her once how to do things and she's all over it. A great find and she's got a job with me anytime!

-GK said...

I once had a copywriter who said the words "fake it 'til you make it" and I put a mental mark against him ever since.

But, maybe part of that mentality is required to get to that next point.

I'm a firm believer in earning your stripes, doing the time, honing the craft both in front of the screen and in front of the client. But if you don't have the ability to sell that and show what you've got you're going to fall short.

It comes down to style and substance. Try to deliver with style only and you'll be found out. Try to deliver with substance only and you probably won't get an interview.

So, lead the charge. Blaze the trails. Be brave and bold. But just make sure you know which way to hold the bayonet.

Anonymous said...

This seems like a white elephant in the room. People can deny all they want, but I think that when the industry stops just hiring their friends and keeps an eye out for different talent, it'll change.

I mean, from all walks of life, not just kids from wealthy backgrounds. That sounds like I'm having a dig, but on the contrary. Most are and this seem to only allow a certain point of view on life. I'm sure people will argue now.

Also, it seems from an outside perspective that the only people getting jobs in the best places are friends of people in the industry. Now this comes with a predetermined outcome of safety.

Someone said, 'The ad industry from what I have seen is quite obtuse in terms of new, bold, different and middle class. That doesn't exist, and if it does, well, it has to have the approval of that certain type of person who is already in place, in the agency. Someone who is looking at everything from their most comfortable angle.' Interesting point I thought.

These are just point of view opinions but I think the next hires shouldn't be friends, they should be people you have a gut instinct for. Interviewed and given a chance like they used to in the 80's. They are different, they might not fit into the mold that you THINK is required to fit the agency, they are the ones who are everything but like the people you have already hired.

And with that, I think that these people who never get a look in because someone in a previous agency didn't like them, or they didn't kiss ass hard enough and thus never made the cut for any recognition, they will be the ones who will jump through fire hoops for you.

From what I have seen, the underdogs are the ones people badmouth for no reason because it makes them feel better. More than likely, they fear the flying f*** out of them for having that burning light that people refuse to acknowledge, just like that big elephant. Where did he go?

Just a P.O.V.