Monday, May 18, 2009

Reflections on Shooting in Prague

1. I have put on half a kilo (shoot food)
2. The crews all look like roadies for a death-metal band
3. When you go into overtime in Prague, the production company producer begins a gentle nervous tapping of the foot, whereas in the UK, his head flies off
4. The average person in Prague is extremely dour. The only time I saw a local crack a smile was when the woman at airport security found a bottle of shampoo in my hand luggage. "No liquids!" she shouted, and really blammed it into the bin
5. When you watch nothing but CNN for a week, you see lots of very strange ads. Many are advertising entire countries. "Corporate tax of only 10%, personal tax only 10%, and average wages just 500 Euros a month. Invest in Macedonia." That is if you haven't already been seduced by "the wild beauty of Montenegro."
6. On-set wi-fi saved my life
7. Having an account man there with a fanatical attention to all the client & legal issues initially feels like having your bollocks in a fur-lined vice. But after a while, it becomes a liberation, and you're glad to have him with you
8. Everyone in Prague smokes. Quite weird to be sitting in a restaurant, and someone lights up, right next to you - I'd forgotten what that was like. Between cigarettes, they smoke cigars
9. Embarrassingly, I only learned approximately five words of Czech, and one of them was 'dezerty'. In case you hadn't guessed, it means 'desserts'
10. Very happy with the shoot, and very glad to be back in Soho


Anonymous said...

are we likely to see your ad on CNN anytime soon?

Scamp is a Vain Boy said...

You can count half kilos in you weight? You might have an eating disorder.

Gillian McKeith said...

Don't worry about half a kilo.

Your next shit and piss should deal with that.

Anonymous said...

Man City did fuck all in your absence.

dmdream2008 said...

possibly the best film not to be shot in prague

Anonymous said...

I was shooting at Barandorf a couple of summers ago when slowly and gradually the unmistakeable aroma of burning flesh wafted into the studio. Upon investigation it turned out craft services were roasting a huge pig on a spit in the parking lot outside for a late afternoon snack - bless.

Anonymous said...

Half a kilo! Shock horror! You probably can't get into that gorgeous little frock you got on sale at Top Shop any more. And you're going to be bridesmaid at your friends wedding the summer. Right crash diet time!

Man the fuck up.

h said...

Unfortuanatly "Invest in Macedonia" is also here to, so enjoy seeing that again.

It sounds a bit like a Pyramid scheme to me.

robin said...

I know what you mean about smokes, Simon.
Recently, I decided to go to Indonesia (from Singapore, where smoking is pretty much banned every where).
Even though the ferry was still in Singapore waters, the mo you got on the boat, it was Smoke City.
People happily smoked.
On deck. Below deck. Below "No Smoking" signs.
Apparently, Indonesia is the most smoking place in the world.
And not just cigars, sir.
They smoke a clove-laden cigarette, called keretet.
Vile smelling, tastes worse.
So next time you planning to shoot in the exotic Far East, be careful.
Could be Prague all over again.

Lubomir said...

“The average person in Prague is extremely dour. ” - Extremely - are you kidding me!

Czechs are like care bears on a freshly painted rainbow with butterflies flying around. Scamp, you must come to Bulgaria - here your adverbs will fail you :)

And yes, standard corporate tax only 10%. Personal tax only 10%.

M32 said...

Prague is just like every other eastern block city. It's a shithole full of lazy rat catchers.

Talking of rat catchers: BERBATOV is so lazy, he uses a remote control to control his TV remote.

Anonymous said...

try shooting in romania. the women all look like hookers and most of them are.

Anonymous said...

half a kilo? that's 1.1 pounds in old money. you great big girl's blouse.

john p woods said...

Berbatov had most goal assists this year!,,12306,00.html

Lubomir said...

I think Scamp had a blog post, and a vote around 2007 about something we can call “The Berbatov theme” – what is your work style?

There are people that go early in the office to run around, wave hands, shake heads, point a finger, yell, scream, shout, curse, perspire, threaten, beg, laugh, cry, and act out the whole drama of the process.

And there are people that come in 10.30 to spend a few quite hours, cover the same field, and do more effective work than you do.

Probably if I was a football fan I will prefer the first kind. In reality I am a supporter of the second kind.

Anonymous said...

who was the director scamp?

Pauline said...

I absolutely loved Prague, the buildings, the people, the food but I can't seem to remember many words I've learnt either...