Monday, December 08, 2008

Exciting News If You're A Fan Of Either Fallon, Kaka, Or Zoetropes

Euro ad-blogger Dabitch has all the info you could want about the shooting of the next Sony Bravia ad.


Anca said...

Ben Cyzer, head of the Sony account at Fallon, explains: "Obviously the inspiration was the oldest form of motion, which is the zoetrope, and given now that we're moving to the latest technology in motion we took that inspiration and modernized it, and brought to life The Bravia Drome. It's really no more complicated than that. Like our previous Bravia ideas it requires simplicity and I think this is a very simple idea, dramatizing motion.
It is indeed "no more complicated than that", it is indeed "a very simple idea", we can also see clearly that it took "the oldest form of motion" and "modernised it" -- making it bigger and more beautiful. It dramatises "motion", also correct.

But... does it dramatise THAT form of motion Sony Bravia introduced? I'd say it is just a general idea and the only thing that makes you think of Sony Bravia is the enormous animal called The Sony Bravia Drome. This is one of the situations when making it big was vital... because there was nothing else big about it. Thank god some clients have such generous budgets that we can hide our superficial approach to the problem behind the immense impact of... immensity.

I still love Fallon, but this was not the most wonderful surprise, ...especially after that... Sony HD 'quantum of solace' don't-want-to-remember thing.

Anyway, it will probably be a great success. Size still matters.

Anonymous said...

you know this is going to be boring, right?


if it's not, I'll eat my hat on a bed of hats with a hat reduction and glazed seasonal hats, with a side order of hats.

Anonymous said...

It's impossible to tell whether this is going to be great or shite, because it's all about the execution. But I'm more interested in whether the preamble PR bigging up the ad helps or hinders. Surely ads work best when they're a surprise, as though coming from nowhere. This sort of thing builds up expectation in the ad world, but then what's the point of that other than to persuade juries that you've achieved an amazing feat that they would otherwise miss. And do we really believe it any more. Everybody knows cog wasn't in one take and that there was no playdoh in the last sony ad despite PR claiming tonnes of the stuff was shipped into New York.

Anonymous said...

It's certainly going to involve a large amount of Kaka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And who's that CD I've never heard of?

And who's the team?

Anonymous said...

what about a hat-shake to wash it all down?

Anonymous said...

prolly a bottle of chapeau lafite, bloggy.


Anonymous said...

Is the zoetrope the oldest form of motion?!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.21 - You are right - the best ads come from nowhere. There was no hype surrounding Drench or Big Yellow. There was loads of hype on Guinness Tipping Point.

Then again, there was loads of press on Sony Balls, which was excellent.

Not sure what my point is, except that if you shout about your latest ad campaign being the bees knees, it sure as shit better be, otherwise you are opening yourself up to be absolutely shat on from all corners.

Anonymous said...

hey, mr lafitte, watch me ollie!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't this a rip off of Mark Simon Hewis' The Life Size Zoetrope? viewable here -