Wednesday, November 05, 2008

We Made A Difference

He didn't just have amazing oratory, an army of volunteers, and the advantage of representing the opposite party to George Bush.

He also had some truly kick-ass comms.

Like this

(10 million views)


(12 million views)

And perhaps especially this

(4 million views)

Makes me proud to work in advertising.


Anonymous said...

Christ Scamp. Do you have to refer to ads as comms? Are you a client or something?

Anonymous said...

Indeed a flawless image play. This psychology that a leader like no other should be a citizen like any other was extremely well developed during the entire campaign. And again, chemistry will never stop working, charisma reverses waves.

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

Compare it Mccain's stuff, and realise just how good Obama's campaign was.

America, for once, got it right. Well done.

Anonymous said...

it doesn't hurt to have fantastic speeches and the ability to deliver them either:

Scamp said...

9.03, I can only apologise. I was seduced by the alliteration.

Anonymous said...

McCain. Crap presidential candidate. Great Oven Chips.

Anonymous said...

yeah, that's cool but it's History now.

Let's move on, maybe talk about Fallon???

Anonymous said...

or greggs?

That was a great topic

Anonymous said...

Wassup is extremely good.

Anonymous said...

Did he win then?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Two steak bakes for lunch.


Bean and sausage bake for afters.


Anonymous said...

I think this was the first election where the channels of communication stood out more than the actual ads.

Eighteen million people went to Obama's channel on YouTube. Two million people donated their Facebook statuses to the Obama campaign. Thousands of people signed up for The Great Schlep.

This is the point where the skill of harnessing technology to engage audiences became as important as the skill of crafting films to engage audiences.

Anonymous said...

wassup is genius.

the bastards

Anonymous said...

cheese and onion?
Chicken (bit tii salty) bake?

The decision is yours

Anonymous said...

Proud to work in advertising my fat arse. The industry that produced Wassup is the same industry that produced the swift boat ads. Our work just happens to coincide with good causes now and again.

Anonymous said...

OMG. As the kids say.

After Copyrightgate yesterday (see what I did there?), I can't believe no-one's spotted that the second vid blatantly steals from one of our greatest cultural icons.

It's a disgrace. A disgrace, I tell you.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand it and already feel slightly disappointed in Barack Obama as a result. I thought everything was going to be brilliant from now on?

Anonymous said...

Scamp, put that last comment about Stella back up. I laughed so hard my tea came out of my nose.

Scamp said...

Yes, there were a couple of good ones about Stella. But I have to come clean - I was trying to transfer the comments to a new thread, and I deleted them by mistake. I can't get them back so I don't know if I can be arsed to start a new thread now.

Anonymous said...

sorry to stay off-topic, but that ad needs to be put to the public forum that is Scamp. Stick it up and we'll decide whether to lick its balls or crush them with a garlic press.

Scamp said...

All right. If someone can point me to where it is on YouTube (I couldn't find it there), I'll put it up.

Anonymous said...

guardian media site

Anonymous said...

There you go

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't forget the ad which came up with the most powerful and chilling message of them all.

The "What If" ad by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco.


Anonymous said...

@ anon 1:48


Anonymous said...

I am sorry this might going to be offensive. How come president election for the U.S in this round are old, woman and black?


Anonymous said...

yes that's right scamp those 3 bits of 'comms' made all the difference...

Anonymous said...

any1 remember the funny stella comment?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

speaking as a johnny foreigner yank, let me tell you Obama killed it online. and his campaign had all the good UGC. his campaign was true online integrated wizardry. you couldn't see the joins. it was smoove. like the man himself. his fundraising was perfect.

mccain, meanwhile, was yelling at the pesky kids to get off his lawn.

Anonymous said...

bush's congratulations speech to obama was twice as engaging as the latter's acceptance speech, for whatever reason..
it's nice to see people saying good things about a president for once recently, but don't forget they're just a rich bloke who wanted power.

Anonymous said...

Eighteen million people went to Obama's channel on YouTube?

That's 7.8% of the adult population of the USA.

Two million people donated their Facebook statuses to the Obama campaign?

That's 0.9% of the adult population of the USA.

Perhaps this content made an impression on 20,000,000 or so adults.

But that still leaves 210,335,000 people of voting age who never saw or engaged with this stuff.

Yeah, those 'comms' made all the difference.

(Source: UC Census Bureau, 2005 population projection)

Anonymous said...

Above anon:

You're really really sad.

Anonymous said...

Above anon

I'm also really well informed

Which makes me feel slightly less bad about being really sad

Anonymous said...

Stats on this are pretty awesome

1. YouTube search results: “Obama” = 710,000 : “McCain” = 374,000
2. Technorati Search results: 722,285 results for Obama : 518,870 results for McCain
3. Google Search Results: 418,000,000 for Obama : 158,000,000 for McCain
4. Twitter followers: Obama has 118,107 : McCain has 4,942.

Anonymous said...

That means that 0.05% of the adult voting population searched for Obama on Youtube, and that Obama has 0.003% of the adult voting population as Twitter followers

Awesome. Really?

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget about these.

Anonymous said...

Scamp you are forgetting the funniest one by Sarah Silverman.
Ranked by NY Times as the most viewed comms of the election

And there was the hilarious dance off.

James Cooper said...

Simon, you say this makes you proud to work in comms, advertising, whatever. If by that you mean an ad, or comms, 'agency' then I think you've missed the point on this one by about as much as McCain did.

Common consensus holds that had any 'agency' been in charge of Obama's comms then the whole thing would have been a complete balls up.

I have gone into this in a little more detail on Brand Republic (link at bottom) but the days of an agency being able to dictate what people really think are over - in our sophisticated markets anyway.

There may be the odd great ad, although nothing as classically pleasing as 'Labour isn't Working' or Richard and Andy's great Ministry of Sound work they did at BMP, but things are so much more complicated now, so much so that I would argue they are well and truly beyond any single one agency or brain.

Obama won because he is inspirational to so many people. And many of those people are creative. The enduring image of the campaign is Shepard Fairey's work - not commissioned by anyone. And I personally know an Emmy award winning director who just went out to Missouri to shoot a load of great films that persuaded swing voters - for free. Not commissioned by anyone.

So, yeah, you can believe in the power of words and pictures, that kind of advertising, but certainly not the structures that have traditionally commissioned and controlled it.

More if you fancy here: