Saturday, May 03, 2008

User Generated Poll

Almost two-thirds of Scamp readers are Creatives.

The ideas just flow out of you.

So come on...

suggest what the next poll should be.

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kate moss said...

am I...

a) a perceptive postmodern construct that cleverly undermines the superficiality of today's celebrity-obsessed society

b) a pathetic excuse for some twat to write lots of swear words on Scamp's blog, thus devaluing its staus as a serious critque of the current ad scene

c) frigging myself gently whilst simultaneously hoping the resulting odour doesn't attract another unwanted visit from that nasty man at the public hygeine department. He wouldn't even take a fuck to leave me alone. He said my fiddle-dee-dee juice was playing havoc with his reading for the entire borough of Camden and if I didn't curtail my my froth-ridden musings he'd have to fill the offending aperture with an appropriately-sized object. Fat fucking chance of him finding one of those, eh readers?

Anonymous said...

is kate moss getting a bit boring?

kate moss said...

Cool. I shall post no more.

Anonymous said...

should scamp stop blogging, thereby stop bugging everyone?

Anonymous said...

where in the country ( or which country ) do you work?

Wonder who said...

"When you start a project, you get a bit dizzy, because you can go anywhere, and you should go everywhere, in a way," he says. "It's a bit like chess where you imagine all the possible moves".

Do you think Juan sounds like a wanker in creativity magazine?

1) Yes
2) Of course
3) Did he just say chess?
4) He earns 1 mill, he's a wanker anyway.

Anonymous said...

topic... why are most creatives men?

Anonymous said...

hows about "What brand would you like to work on?"

The Economist?
A brand no known for good advertising?

James Feess said...

how about an age question or how long you have been in advertising question.

Tony Tampax said...

RE: 5.58

As Kate Moss' personal industrial tampon fitter I think you were utterly wrong to suggest that she should stop. Nothing (other than Roger's Profanisaurus) has such the foul-mouthed lingual-dexterity or the ability to bring laughter from those dark and disgustingly wrong places (there's a moss-esque inuendo there for you) quite like she does. Also, she's putting my kids through college, so for their sake Moss - don't stop your constant and gushing flow (of comments).

whoreditch said...

Will Wal like this poll?
a) Yes.
b) Sure.
c) Of course.
d) Absolutely.
e) All of the above.

Anonymous said...

Thread suggestion:

If you weren't in advertising, what would you be doing?

Wal said...



Anonymous said...

A Poll suggestion.

Whats better for a Creative Teams career:

Working in a big agency. Or a Small agency.

Anonymous said...

Why are most ads shit?

a) because most creatives are not very talented
b) because the client fucked it up
c) because it's the nature of advertising to be mediocre

Anonymous said...

Why can people make great short films on a shoestring and stick them online but it costs agencies six figures to shoot some piece of crap for a furniture store?

a) Because production companies rip us off to fund their youtube side projects

b) Because agency producers take kickbacks

c) Because the client fucked it up

Anonymous said...

Like that anon 10.35 - what brand would you most like to write an ad for?

Anonymous said...

so let me get this straight. you don't feel ronnie o'sullivan's victory is worthy of celebration?

Anonymous said...

anon 12:28,

if you want to make really bad ideas it takes a lot of money.

you're paying for people who love to shoot film to NOT to have fun as they shoot film.. nobody's there for fun. it's purely for the money.

Anonymous said...

Scamp, why have you re art directed your blog?

Anonymous said...

Is scamp's blog:

a) harder to read.
b) possessed of too large a picture at the top.
c) fine the way it was. We don't really give a toss how it looks (unless it's harder to read. Which it is. Get your type bloke at BBH to have a look).

Mr Reddy's Eyes said...


Anonymous said...

Scamp, please ask Nick to have a look at your blog.

Its brilliantly written as ever but looks like Steve Wonder has designed it.

Anonymous said...

grey type on white? No.

Anonymous said...

Nope, still looks shit. For crying out loud what's scowling AD up to?

I swear to god the word verification just said piftbbh - Which I think means bbh sort your art directors out.

Anonymous said...

Scamp, are you one of these new style teams where one is a copywriter and the other art director?

Anonymous said...

Fuck. What is happening. Red headers and blue copy in a horrible cut of Helvetica.

Anonymous said...

And your new scamp logo needs to be converted from CMYK to RGB in photoshop.

Its very simple: Open up the image in photoshop, with the mouse click Image, then scroll down to mode and change from CMYK to RGB. Scowling AD will show you how!

Anonymous said...

I'll second the suggestion 'Why are most ads shit?'

Agree with 12:22's options but would add

d) because there wasn't enough money
e) because the client expected it to be on air tomorrow
f) because the account team expected it to be written by tomorrow so they could go to a meeting and not look like useless bastards.

Scamp said...

Thanks for all the web design tips, everybody. As you will have noticed, I need all the help I can get...!

Anonymous said...

Freelance creatives, what is your daily rate and how many years of experience do you have?

Anonymous said...

Creative Directors, why oh why do you deal with headhunters? Most of them wouldn't know a good advert if it bit them on the ass. So why do you trust them to "weed out" "bad" books? Why not bypass those schmucks and answer emails from creatives pimping their books directly? You could save a few bucks on fees and also recruit creatives who don't look/sound like the often cookie-cutter-creatives who pass the headhunter screen. Plus, do you know that most headhunters treat their candidates like shit? They're generally not very nice people.

George said...

If you could only use one industry website, what would it be?
a) David Reviews
b) The Reel
c) Brand Republic (Campiagn)
d) Scamp (Or similar Blog)
e) Best Ads On TV
f) Shots

Anonymous said...

What's your favourite colour?
a) Red
b) Yellow
c) Blue
d) Pink
e) Non of the above
f) All of the above

Last but not least said...

Ok, I got one.

Who do you want to punch most?

a) Richard Huntingdon

b) Nick Law

c) Wal

Anonymous said...

Apparently in the 8o's an art director wasn't an art director unless he/she drove around in a black saab.

But what about now? Is there a particular brand, make, model (or colour) of car that everyone drives to show the World that they must be one of those crazy, creative types?