Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Awards Shows And Silos - A Comparison

The One Show finalists are out.

Not too much UK stuff is in. The Harvey Nichols and Marmite campaigns are. Plus the brilliant Billions from my own agency. (Bias? Hmm, probably. But it was done before I arrived, honest).

However, my point today is this.

Why oh why, in these days of 360 degree media, is there no award for best idea? Everything is siloed into press, poster, TV etc.

I guess Campaign organise their awards by medium so they can get the Poster awards (for example) sponsored by the poster contractors etc, but what excuse do D&AD and The One Show have?

Cannes used to award their Titanium Lion to the best integrated campaign, but last year they changed the rules and gave it to what they considered 'the best idea in any medium', which turned out to be designs for customised barcodes.

So therefore every awards show in the world is now rewarding 'best idea in this medium' and 'best idea in that medium' and no one is awarding 'best idea across multiple media'.

Can that be right?


Anonymous said...

Oh that's a silo... I thought it was a giant phalic symbol. Or maybe that's just my oppinion on awards creeping in there ;)

Anonymous said...

How important is the One Show to creatives here? Is it worth the entry fee? Personally I don't think it is unless you're thinking of working in the States. Oh, and I just wanted to tell you that I have an eight and a half inch silo;-)

The Angryist said...

Good call. D&AD should have an integrated category, judged by a panel that includes a wider-than-normal range of creatives. The IPA should certainly cover this off. I'm not going to tell you how big my silo is, but I don't drive a big car.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think that because award shows (especially UK shows) are stuck in the past means that the 360 degree model hasn't really took hold here - we just talk a good game, we don't really believe in it. Teams still chase the TV brief. In fact a creative director I know working on international account went in to brief a london team and he was asked two questions before he even opened his mouth. Is it TV? Will it run here? Since the answer in both cases was no, he knew the sort of enthusiasm he was going to get. Yet outside London the focus is on coming up with the idea. Whether it's a TV ad or a website - it's all about the idea. That should be rewarded. Award shows should reserve the best awards, golds, lions etc for the best idea. best TV execution should be lower down the foodchain (still rewarded, of course). Maybe then advertising in London would change, and look beyond Soho, and people wouldn't write posts like - how important is the One Show for creatives here? We're citizens of the word - wake up.

Anonymous said...

i think there's greater stress on digital creative in the USA than there is in the UK. the UK is still very into film with a capital F. i get the feeling they haven't had the fear of god put into them like we have. our TV audience is gone baby. the action has moved on.