Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Irrelevant Football

Every brand is looking to exploit World Cup fever at the moment. And a lot of them are doing it extremely badly.

For example, in the current Morrisons TV advertising, a football bursts through the screen at the end... with absolutely no relevance to the preceding 2 for 1 offer on sausages whatsoever.

If you like the idea of an irrelevant football bursting through the screen, you can see one here on the Morrisons website.

Any other examples of irrelevant football?


copyranter said...

uhhhhh, both footballs and sausages are made from farm animals?

FishNChimps said...

I'm sure most of us mentally switch off at the footie references. It's information overload.
What's more annoying is references to the "Sakker Worrld Cup", delivered in an American accent. It's FOOTBALL, for gawd's sake.

Scamp said...

Yes, the Budweiser campaign is a bit odd, isn't it.

"We know absolutely nothing about football. By the way, we sponsor the football."

Pete said...

I saw this ad a few days ago and thought exactly the same thing.

I wonder what it was like in the meeting that led to it. "Oh we've got a TV campaign running when the World Cups on.
"Well better put a football on the end of it"
"What a great idea! That will strengthen our brand and sell loads more bread rolls."
"No one can resist a flying football."

No wonder the Morrisons account is up for pitch.