Monday, November 26, 2012

Do You Like Flying?

In my new job, it looks like I am going to be flying quite a bit. From Sydney to Melbourne. This is good because I really like Melbourne, although I'm less keen on airport coffee, putting my laptop in a grey plastic tray, and having to take my belt off in a public place.

But Australia is a flying country. There are two main advertising centres - Sydney and Melbourne - and so people fly regularly between the two. 
America is also a flying country.

If you work in advertising over there, you will fly nearly all the time. Sometimes excessively. I know someone who works at Crispin Porter in Boulder. They fly regularly to meetings with a client in Seattle. Recently they shot a TV ad for this client, which involved flying to New York. But then the job was edited in LA. And for the sound, obviously, they flew to San Francisco. Before flying back to Boulder.

France, however, is a non-flying country. Every single ad agency is in Paris. If you go to a client meeting, it's a 20-minute taxi ride. Shoots? The studios and sound studios are in Paris too.

The UK is another non-flying country. Like France, nearly all the ad agencies are in the capital. And so are many of the clients. Exception - for 9 months of the year, location-based shoots have to be shot abroad, since the weather's unreliable, and the world-as-depicted-in-TV-ads requires smiley happy weather.

What's it like in Brazil? Germany I know has several centres, but for some reason I imagine people might take the train between them.

And what's your experience of work-flying?

I actually suspect flying is probably conducive to creativity, in that you're out of the office for a while, out of your normal environment, and can't use the internet.

Does it help you? Or do you hate it... and have you got any tips for your ol' buddy Scamp?


Justin Butler said...

I find flying, or any form of inactive transport, makes me come up with my best ideas. If I have the time I'll take the train to wherever I'm going because I'm so productive on the train

Something about no internet, scenery passing by, and the repetitive noise puts me in the right place. For bonus points lose the laptop.

Adrian said...

Make sure you fly first class. it's the only environment on a plane that can be considered truly conducive to creativity.

Thomas said...

The old days of the train were best. Ah, the white win in a can on British Rail...

Juliana Jabra said...

The best part of flying is the opportunity to see many different people, from al over the places at the airport. Just sit and watch while having a coffee might work as a great "self-brainstorm". In Brazil we don't fly very often, most of the agencies are located in Sao Paulo.