Thursday, August 07, 2008

Introducing Moggy

Carl Moggridge is a Brighton-born Strategist now working in Sydney, and whose blog has some fun and quirky stuff on it.

I particularly liked this post entitled "The World's Local Bank My Arse," in which he gives a textbook example of customer experience undermining a brand proposition:

There is me thinking that I could quite easily open a bank account with HSBC in Australia seeing as I have been a customer with them for 12 years in the UK. No they tell me it isn’t that easy because we are on ‘different systems’

Talking of abroad, I'm off to the States for a week; I hope to post an interesting U.S. ad or bit of typography each day, from my phone.

But don't think you can start with the bad language just because I'm away. BBH hat-trick hero and Scamp assistant Al Merry will be looking after comments.

Byeeeeee x


Ben said...

In honor of your trip to America, how about a post with advice for American creatives interested in working in the UK.

Anonymous said...

can we have another photo comp scamp?

Anonymous said...

Er scamp. Hope the byyeeeee! was just an ironic reference to that dodgy post about sex with disabled cleaners the other day. Or have you just let your darker, anonymous alter-ego rear its ugly head again? You old dog!

Anonymous said...

fuck you fallon juniors.

(sorry couldn't resist to test Al)

Anonymous said...

I'm just disappointed that Al's fine Repton education has led him to a life as Scamp's secretary.

Still, it sounds as if all the yard football paid off, judging from the report in today's Campaign.

Anonymous said...

levis encouraging tombstoning.
If Snickers is anything to go by, this is in deep shit.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Shame MEadows' turd is causing fallon lick arsing comments at Campaign.

Al said...

thanks 2:38 it's taken me the best part of an hour to remember how to delete things. 2:55 don't be disappointed everything's just fine x

Anonymous said...

No come back Scamp! I'm printing out the last few pages of my dissertation. What am I suppposed to do after this? Get a job? Come back!

Anonymous said...

It's ok Al.
It's not as if the rest of us didn't know that about the juniors. Take your time.

Anonymous said...

it's not just the australian hsbc that lets their own slogan down. I have had hsbc credit cards in the US for years and can't get one in the UK. my credit history doesn't mean duck shite here as a newbie.

Anonymous said...

I tried to get some money out in new york from hsbc after losing my card there.


came to much the same conclusion.

incidentally, my branch of hsbc used to have the welcoming staff hidden behind a big fuck off ad.

literally hiding the service behind corporate identity.