Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Photography Competition - Why I Love My Mom

"she had this dreamy mary tyler moore quality to her with her perfectly matched outfit, jewellery and make-up, the latter of which you sadly can't see. little country girl in the big city. I had to take a picture..."

It's a tight squeeze into the 'advertising theme' but we think it works, thanks to Chris for this.


fatty-bum-bums said...

don't get it

Yankee-Dougal said...

Plus what the freak does mary tyler moore mean to all our buddies in Britainshire.


chris said...

the image isn't an ad itself, the placement makes it an ad. I use this on the last page of my book, which has caused everyone I have showed it so far to ask me about it. to a guy with the social skills of a bratwurst this has been a true lifeline as a conversation starter.


Anonymous said...

this contest sucks fucking shit.

Anonymous said...

I'll second that.

Anonymous said...

I'll third that.

punter said...

Oh, right, it's an ad for Chris.

I feel cheated.

What number do I call to complain?