Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If Atheists Ruled The World

Graeme B. kindly sent me this clip, commenting that: "It's like they've stolen the idea from your Barnardo's ad [he means this one] and applied it to atheism."

Thieving bloody atheists.

I do like it though.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot what I was going to say.....hold on....

.....Oh yes thats it, any word on D&AD nominations or in book?

Come on, come on don't be shy.

she said...

Banardo's was a great strategy. And it's used well here.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we've all been notified and we're all getting pencils. Why? Have you not...oh, you haven't heard anything? Ah well better luck next year sonny.

Anonymous said...

I feel cheated!

I've been an atheist all my life and never got to watch two gay men fucking in my bedroom.

Who do I write to to complain?

Anonymous said...

re Anon at 10.28

You don't know who your talking to, which is very funny indeed, unless your older than me by a generation, which would make you about 75, don't call me sonny.

George said...

10.28 - Constantly hitting the Refresh button here:

Anonymous said...

re anon @ 10.35

Reminds me of the story about Cloughie ringing down for one of the apprentices at Derby to fetch him a cup of tea:

'Get me a cup of tea now'

'Get it yourself.'

'Do you know who you're talking to young man?'

'Yes, do you?'


'Then fuck off..'

M32 said...

Loving the email chain that's currently making every art director in london suicidal.

Anonymous said...

Scamp, why didn't you put my D&AD revelations up?

I say again, no UK noms in TV and one pencil in craft for Coke Parade.

Other than that, no idea

Matt said...

That Cloughie story is excellent.

Ewarwoowar said...

Vodafone and Barnados BBH ad mash-up?

mm_michaels said...

I enjoyed the Atheists video, I also went to watch your Barnardos video, which I also enjoyed, it worked because it was unexpected with the thoughts "but they wouldn't do that, or would they?" running through my mind.
Then onto the explanation. Cracked it. Definitely raises awareness, but I have no need to join the campaign. Maybe if it hit closer to home somehow. Maybe if they broke into a family's home and started shooting in there it would have a stronger effect?