Friday, March 20, 2009

Sell! Sell!

Here's another blog I want to introduce you to.

It's called Sell! Sell!, is written by Creatives - good ones - and has cool stuff on it like these meatscapes.

And the Daft Punk console.



Vue Represents said...

We've been loving the bloggings of these guys for a while now too.
Still have their Wall Wallchart up in my loo actually.

Wish they'd bring back Top 5 Tuesday though, surely you can't have peaked at iconic moustaches Vic?

Anonymous said...

Good blog, thanks for the tip-off scamp.

Ben Kay said...

Sell Sell's blog makes me vaguely ashamed of mine.

Anonymous said...

Why did it make you ashamed Ben? Because they don't bang on about awards and advertising all the time?

Anonymous said...

Tis indeed an interesting blog.

Anonymous said...

That spaceman looks like he's just vented his NASA FX 2200/v poo pod and released seven space poos into orbit. I'm told if you don't vent after seven days there's a danger of

Anonymous said...

Premature poo re-entry was always the trouble with the FX2200/v.
They fixed it on the FX2201/v with the addition of a 3-way hadron sphinc valve that used the accompanying gases to eject the previous space poo whilst chambering the next in the space poo breach.
Simple really.

Sell! Sell! said...

Blimey, thanks for the shout and the kind words Scamp, Ben, everyone.
Vue, Top 5 Tuesday is not dead, it's only sleeping. It'll be back soon.
Anon 11:52, I like to think we do our fair share of banging-on still. It's just hidden between meat and air stewards demeaning themselves.

Anonymous said...

Didn't they find that one of Buzz Aldrin's early space poos had tavelled, under it's own steam, all the way to the Flexar Quadrant where it acquired it's own gravity and collapsed in on itself and became a brown hole which swallowed up the entire Xkggrgrrr galaxy? Including, if I remember correctly, a planet inhabited by the peace loving Zimbarr Zimbarr peoples.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm a bit late for this thread Simon, but Sell Sell and The AdContrarian are both terrific blogs.
I'd never have found them on my own, so thanks a lot for recommending them.