Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Yet Another Example Of My Least Favourite Endline

It's not art. It's chocolate.

Almost no one cares about endlines. But this 'art of' one really winds me up.

Feel free to post endlines that you despise, in the comments. I find it helps.

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Anonymous said...

Have a happy period.

I'll happily shoot the copywriter who came up with that tripe.

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

A modern classic.

The future is now.

See (or taste or feel) the difference.

Anonymous said...

the less gassy beer that puts you under no pressure

Penny said...

"Break the Rules", "The rules have changed", or any other endline which implies that by consuming our product, you reject conformity and become the rebel you've always imagined yourself to be. Pah.

Anonymous said...

Any Strapline that starts with seriously. And especially the ones that 'cleverly' contradict it with the next word.

Seriously playful.
Seriously fun.
Seriously relaxing.

Seriously, just fuck off.

PH said...

"different is everything"
a blatant rip-off of the inspired "impossible is nothing"

Anonymous said...

You've tried the rest so try the best........(insert product here)

We care (Oh yeah like nobody else does)

Anonymous said...

"For the time of your life"

for Ymea (the vitamin supplement for menopausal women).

Enough said I think.

Anonymous said...

Anything that starts 'because', because it drives me fucking nuts. Isn't that what people who have no idea about advertising say.

Anonymous said...

Das Auto.

Lunar BBDO said...

Renault's 'createur d'automobiles' annoys me because it really just says 'we make cars' in French.

Anonymous said...

You are. We Car.

Anonymous said...

Anything that has the words

Imagine or Believe.

Pure rubbish.

Anonymous said...

This is a different subject, but anyway; came across some old ads for Mercedes and the endline was:
(insert benefit). Unlike any other.

Eg. Style. Unlike any other

Sony's 'like no other' lines are very similar...

Anonymous said...

Endlines can be shit Scamp, but hold on...a good endline in my view wraps up a good idea. So, to that end, don't endlines fall into two pots: 1. 'tacked on the end generic randomness' (what creatives who nick an interesting visual execution usually do) & 'the idea/strategy beautifully expressed in words' (what I always at least try to do/start with), off the top of my head, Combo's 'What your mum would feed you if your mum was a man' is the idea and also a great endline, whilst Skittles 'Taste the Rainbow' is just a random line. Both however have lead to great executions, but I always prefer it when the line is the idea...another classic example: 'Reassuringly expensive' is the 'unique to Stella' idea beautifully expressed in words, whilst 'Refreshes the parts others can't' is pretty random and generic IMHO. But then I did have the importance of strategies rammed down my throat as a student...

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.13:

"But then I did have the importance of strategies rammed down my throat as a student..."

Along with the tutor's cock and balls, I shouldn't wonder.

Only joking. Byeeeeeee.xxxx.

Anonymous said...

anon 5.22

Anonymous said...

Ford. We have Ignition.

No shit.

Anonymous said...


a lame wannabe Just do it. and it's patently untrue. impossible is f**king impossible.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"...whilst 'Refreshes the parts others can't' is pretty random and generic IMHO."

Anon 5.13: first, if you're going to slag a line, at least get it right. It was "Heineken. Refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach." Got that? Second, if you respect the strategy so much, you give a sh*t about the context in which that line was created. So do some research on the beer market in the 70s, beyond asking your Dad what he used to drink. OK?

As for end lines which suck, how about "Hello Tomorrow" whether it's for Eurostar or latterly for Avon comsetics?

Rob said...

This is the power of the network now.


Anonymous said...

re: rhayter.

"Got that?"


My, you are a preachy tit aren't you rhayter? If you were to read what I wrote more carefully, you'll realise that I wasn't slagging Heineken's line off at all, merely just saying that I PERSONALLY prefer an endline to also be the idea. I love the Skittles work, but the endline is generic.

It was in response to Scamp saying "Almost no one cares about endlines."

I personally really hate all these 'Better together'/'People are good together' endlines.

Also, a while back I randomly noticed that CHI used the word 'Better' in loads of their that's how they won all those pitches:

Heineken - We Believe in Better.

Direct Line - A Good deal better.

Carphone Wankhouse - For a better mobile life.

Creative Park said...

I love it when companies from Asia have strap lines but have no idea what they mean.

Asus. Rock solid, Heart touching

Acer. Empowering people

Anonymous said...

oh, and...


utter generic poo.

tom said...

my favourite are when every company under the sun puts 'your' infront of their service.

lovely bagels inc
'your friendly bagel company'

downright drainage
'your drainage solution'

the monarchy
'your, well actually that's, you're, paying for this shit!'

]-[appy Thought said...

"Make the most of Now" has always irked me, I'm sorry to post here. It doesn't tell me why Vodaphone will help me do it better than say, Orange or o2. Also, the campaign line of the internet now being mobile was a pity, as it's been mobile for ages! To its credit though, the actual ads were brilliant.

Keep Walking has always fascinated me also, as it doesn't say anything, but sounds strangely awesome. I'm guessing it's all about progression, but its a pretty flamboyant way to say it, I only got it after Mr. Heggarty actually explained it at a lecture at my university!

One that also never made it was "not established", by Trotty for The Independent, as in fighting the establishment. The client didn't like it but I thought it was quite good. Needs a lot of explaining though.

Tim Burley said...

When the world zigs, zag.

So as long as we're different, we'll be all right. Doesn't matter what we do, it just better be different. Look at me, I'm zagging woooo hoooo, watch me zag baby....

william said...

"L'arte di Sacla"

Pure gold from the pen of Herr Trott.

Charles Edward Frith said...

Airlines/Restaurants on tall building and tall Hotels: Taking you to new heights.

sal said...

I hate all the straplines whish nobody, like never before, like no other ecc.
they suggest that every fucking thing is new and original. That pisses me off

Anonymous said...

Virgin Trains. Changing train travel for good.

They've had that strap line for a while, the service is still shit, and if you book a first class ticket on the day you want to travel its more expensive per mile than flying business class to new york.

Anonymous said...

How about anyone who claims to be 'Passionate About' something. Odeon Cinema are Passionate About Film, whereas I noticed Pret A Manger are also Passionate About Coffee'.

'Passionate About' ought to just fit in front of anything I reckon.

Imodium. Passionate about diarrhoea.

See? Works every time! Genius.

Anonymous said...

This dross currently running in Australia (and probably elsewhere).

It's a fucking TV, it's not art, never will be art and no-one will ever mistake a TV for art.

I'm with you Scamp on this one. This art crap is nothing other than clients thinking far too highly of whatever it is they're peddling.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, ohh let's all not forget that perennial favourite:

"In an ever changing world..."

Anonymous said...


anything starting with BECAUSE. 'Because you're worth it'. 'Because you deserve better'.

if you ever find yourself writing because.... just take it out. It should be implicit.
amateurs stuff.

Anonymous said...

Expect More

As seen in every global schmobal ad for hotels, investment funds, airlines and oil companies on BBC World or CNN.

A completely vacuous phrase sold to clients who can't think of any better strategy than "we're better".

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.44:

Yes, I'm preachy. Nobody's perfect.

Anonymous said...

Natwest - There is another way

Anonymous said...

Artoc...the art of investment!

Seoul, the soul of Korea - geddit?

Samsung - Sharing your values (as opposed to sharing our investors money with the people we bribe)

Some other corporate wank uses the line 'Empowering innovation', but it's so bad I can't even remember the brand. It might be NEC, but who cares. I'd like to remember so that I never buy any of their products.

I'm exposed to all of this shit on CNN, because I live in China. They win the prize with their line 'The best political team on television'. They're not even joking!

Creative Park said...

The new Orange campaign from Fallon confuses me some what.

Orange: I am who I am because of everyone

Just having a hard time tieing it back to mobile phones

PH said...

anon 8.38
There's a great one down here. It's cleaning company with a smiling multi-racial montage on the side of their truck with 'passionate about cleaning solutions' underneath. BTW, if anyone hasn't seen the 'viral' on the Dye Holloway Murray blog, I suggest they check it out. Pure genius.

Anonymous said...


I like the idea of taking the "beacause" out of Because You Deserve Better.


Anonymous said...

Ok - so what does anyone like as an endline?
Pure Genius?
Just Do It?
Tell me what's gooooooood.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure it has been used as an endline, but hearing "deliciously different" makes me want to gag.

Oh, and lines that begin with "Welcome to".


Anonymous said...

Zurich: Because change happenz

The biggest load of bollockz i've ever heard.

Anonymous said...

Ok - so what does anyone like as an endline?
Pure Genius?
Just Do It?
Tell me what's gooooooood.


Anonymous said...

Spurious lines that then end with
(Well almost)

Anonymous said...


Which bit though? Which animal?
Probably lots stuffed in a mincer. Mmmmm.

Anonymous said...

The Future Is Now. Because it fucking isn't. The future is the future, that's why it's called "the future".

Dave Trott said...

re Gordon Comstock 12.20 am:
I didn't write L'Arte di Sacla.
That was a mandatory from the client.
It came from the previous commercial which Finky shot, with someone throwing paint all over a wall to produce a packshot.
My favourite endlines are 'Australians wouldn't give a Castelmaine XXXX for any other lager' and 'Does exactly what it says on the tin'.
If you can get your strapline into the language it's free advertising every time someone uses it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

best endline ever:

Osbourne's. They put fun into dysfunctional.

fucking genious.

Anonymous said...

Taglines for beverages that start with refreshingly.

Refreshingly frank...
Refreshingly different...


Anonymous said...

I hear there's a small shed manufacturer in Rainham that have just changed their endline to "The Art of The Shedmaker"

vix said...

what about this all time favourite formula:

"xxxx has never been so xxxx"

as in " pretending to work has never been so easy".

we're having a coupla automotive companies here running ads phrased this way.

pleasing a client has never been so effortless, huh?

Anonymous said...

Blogger vix said... "xxxx has never been so xxxx"

Ha ha! TOTALLY. Also equally hate "xxxx just got xxxx".