Friday, July 11, 2008

Who Reads Scamp?

I thought it might be fun to give Scamp readers an idea of what other Scamp readers are like.

So I asked the winners of the photography competition to tell us a bit about themselves and what they're into, and hopefully point us in the direction of some interesting stuff.

The contest winner was English Tim, an Art Director working in London. His prize was a glossy book (I got sent two copies by mistake), called 'Guerrilla Advertising' by Gavin Lucas & Michael Dorrian.

Tim's 3 Favourite Ads are Kia-Ora, Flat Eric, and this one for X-Box 360.

His 3 Favourite Websites are: ffffound, Vector Park and Be Kind Rewind.

In second place was Stefan Hawes, from Vancouver. His prize was a set of postcards by LA-based artists Kozyndan, the ones who may or may not have inspired the Sony 'Bunnies' ad.

"I'm an account guy by trade," says Stefan. "Sorry about that. I spent about 11 years with DDB Vancouver and Tribal DDB San Francisco. In mid-'06 I went client-side to run marketing for an online retailer. And since last December I've been doing freelance work and trying to find a new agency gig, to no avail so far. Vancouver is a bit of a secondary market unfortunately."

Stefan's three favourite websites (in addition to his own periodically updated blog are his iGoogle page, where he tracks "a few dozen" blogs; Rotten Tomatoes - "I love movies but I hate wasting my time. Very helpful"; and Tag Galaxy- "New and not particularly useful, but it blows me away."

His 3 favourite 'ads' are Goodby's Get the Glass game for Milk ("This showed how well online work could really be done. It elevates the medium"); Diamond Shreddies - last year's campaign from O&M Canada. "Insanely simple but a great idea very well executed"; and finally, any late '80s Nike - "I'm a North American child of the '80s. This is the reason why I got into advertising in the first place. This is where I learned about the emotional impact that advertising could have. And this is where I learned that the business didn't just sell stuff, it creates culture and has an impact on society."

The last three books he read were: God Is Not Great - Christopher Hitchens; The Game - Ken Dryden; and The Omnivore's Dilemma - Michael Pollan.

In third place was Dave Bradbury, another Art Director in London. His prize was a set of James Bond '50th anniversary of Dr No' stamps (again, I was lucky enough to have been sent two sets).

Dave says: "trying to work out my top 3 ads ever is a tricky one, and I reckon if you asked me again next week I’d say something different", but when pushed he picks Levi’s ‘Swimmer’ - "The best of an incredible bunch"; Pretty much any Nike poster from the early 90’s Simons Palmer era, e.g. “Ever Heard the Algerian National Anthem? You Will”; and a 'live' activity from a few years ago - "A guy in a wheelchair waits at a set of traffic lights, if a driver pulled up and wasn’t wearing a seatbelt then the wheelchair guy went over and tapped on their window. He’d then hand them a leaflet saying something like 'I didn’t wear a seatbelt either.' Kind of effective."

His 3 favourite websites are Flickr; the Vice magazine blog – "good for staying down with the kids, and new stuff"; and Thaksin Sceptic – "a useful and informative place for the disenfranchised Man City supporter."

The book he recommends is British Prints From The Machine Age – Rhythms of Modern Life 1914–1939 by Clifford S. Ackley. "Sounds a bit full-on but it’s a fantastic book of Lino cuts and prints."

And what about the rest of you? Any recommends?


Anonymous said...

Dunlop - Tested for the Unexpected
Pot Noodle - Big Dave (don't know why)
Sure - Stunt City
Any Levis or Guinness from the early nineties.

Sadly, favourite websites are as diverse as Facebook, IMDB, David Reviews and Scamp. Sorry, but I never look at anything else.

I'm one of those annoying people that calls up from production companies trying to show you our work.

Anonymous said...


VW Cops

VW King Kong

Levi's 501 posters this year (can't remember the endline)




Unknown said...

Anonymous said...

darren aka scowling ad

Anonymous said...

Levi's Tree - Jonathan Glazer directed
Cadbury's Gorilla (though soured slightly by the bish that is airport)
Print ad - Bic Jimi Hendrix

Ads of the world
BBC IPlayer

I'm a photographer's agent and read Scamp everyday. It's a bit of a 5pm ritual for me now and never fails to bring a wry smile to my face.

john p woods said...

Nike - Parklife
Guinness - Noitulove
P.G Tips 'Do you know the piano is on my foot?'
Suite Francaise
Provided You Don't Kiss Me: 20 Years with Brian Clough
Pies and Prejudice - In Search of the North

Anonymous said...

Now this is an interesting blog! Unlike that boring shit over on Channel 5, sorry I mean Losers BBDO blog.

Anonymous said...

Websites: (brilliant place to pick up mad antique stuff)
the Daily Swarm,
BBC Online,

(must check out you porn)


National Geographic,
Creative Review
practical classics (its a car mag)
anything free with the Sunday papers

TV ads:
Guinness Surfer (ever since I had a sneak prieview in the AMV bar its been my favourite my a country mile).

John West, the good one that Mr Silburn did.

John and Nicks Levi's Drug store commercial.

BMW films, because they broke a mold, and maybe I'm wrong but has yet to be broken again.

Fav ad that doesnt move: difficult one this.

Dave dye's 'just to the lampost' for adidas, great art direction and understanding of the endurance a runner goes through.

Anything by Paul Belford.

The VW wedding price ad, with the blurred couple and the bus. Brilliant marriage of idea and execution( pun intended).

Radio ad? oh fuck that.


Chez Bruce
St John Bread and Wine

Biscuit Barrel said...


VW - Night Driving - perfect execution and idea

John Smiths - Peter Kay football kick ups

Tango - Apple Letter box

Shameless self promotion -

Anonymous said...

Tango - St. George
IKEA - lamp
MTV - Jukka Brothers

adidas - the leagas delaney print stuff

scamp ( a lot!) , tangerinetoad, adpulp,, whatever. and, yes, occasionally, lunar bbdo's blog.

Anonymous said...

... and oh yeah, i'm in chicago USA. the place with the crap president.

Anonymous said...

ads: anything by Tiger Savavge?

Anonymous said...

Say what you want about Tiger but you can't deny she has balls.

No, really she has.

Anonymous said...


Fave ads...

lego - Kippper (as a kid this was just great)
Levis - Odyssey (as a creative i knew i'd never do anything better)
Nike - parklife (Premier league going big time, proper superstar footballers, still keeping it real for the kids... f.great)

Book just read

Kill your friends by John Niven (?)
Its dark, sick and funny.

Scamp said...

Okay, my 3 favourite ads:

Levi's - Drugstore (use of music alone makes it a killer, and the rest of it)
VW - Lamp post
Tango - St George (there should be more Harrier Jump Jets in ads. A lot more)

A trade ad for Fallon which appeared in Campaign. It just said: "There's a waiting list for the new Skoda".
Adidas - 'Just to the lamp post'. Dave Dye, what a bastard.
Any Nike ad from the golden days, e.g. Pete Sampras hand grenade

3 favourite websites: Guardian, Brand Republic, Blue Moon (a Man City site)

Last book I read: Twelve Bar Blues by Patrick Neate. A fun romp, but also moving. It's about jazz and whores in 1920's New Orleans.

Anonymous said...

book: Designing Design by Kenya Hara

Lunar BBDO said...

3 favourite lines:

Why learn from your mistakes when you can learn from someone else's? (Waterstones. That's as good as 'too many cooks spoil the broth' or 'a stitch in time etc'.)

When the government killed the dog licence they left us to kill the dogs (RSPCA. How dark is David Abbott?)

The only thing that improves the taste of chocolate and beer. (ad for peanuts. I think about this whenever I go shopping)

Anonymous said...


Levi's - Odyssey
Nike - Millennium Bug (I think that's what it was called)
Holsten Pils - Asshole (Showing my age)


Just to the Lamp post
66 was a great year for English football - Eric was born
The one with the spiderman spaghetti stuck to the underside of the cupboard shelf


Scamp (obviously), all the footie ones, Huffington Post

Just read Super-Cannes JG Ballard (and no, it's not about all the scam that was submitted this year)

David G said...

Guardian points of view. Still my favorite paper. And I didn't even start reading it for years after that ad.
B&H - Lizard in desert. Evil genius. Made me take up smoking in primary school.
Pot noodles. Dog has a bit so the guy shares it with his girlfriend. Started Unilever off doing better work.

Rest of World TV

Argentina - Lopez Murphy for President. Ad for a Presidential candidate where the copy goes first in one direction and then scrolls back in the other with the opposite meaning.

Smooth E campaign, Thailand. Takes the piss out of personal care mandatories and still works in its context.

Black Cat TVC, Thailand. Kicked off their industry's incredible run. And put their directors at the top of the Gunn table.


FedEx 'Fast talking man' Siedelmayer at his best.

Apple 1984. One of the few ads most people have heard of. And it only ran once.

BMW Films. The Inaritu one. A turning point.

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

Excellent. For 90's era Nike see also: "1966 was a great year for English football, Eric Cantona was born."

Ads: (i cant decide three, so these are just three of my faves)

Honda - Grr
Tango - Slap
Smash - Martians

Anonymous said...

Was going to ad my fave TV ads but Scamp beat me to them.

Although press.

Flintham and Mcloed: Cab drivers conference.

Mercedes: Skid marks.

VW: Lost Dog.

Book of the moment.

The Pirates Dilemma: Matt Mason. Every creative should read it.