Friday, June 13, 2008

PR Beats Advertising

Today's Sport magazine carries the funniest interview/PR piece I have seen in a long time, with ex-boxer Chris Eubank.

Here's the most relevant bit (or click on page to read it for yourself).

We said we'd talk about the game you're promoting, so let's get the plug out the way. What can you tell us about Don King Presents Prizefighter?

Nothing at all?

Have you not played it?
"No. I don't play games and I never have."

So you're just putting your name to it?

In return for some nice cash?

Are you still there, Chris?

Are you not going to answer that question?
"Did you say something?"

Yes, I asked if you're being paid to promote the game?
"What's your name?"

Brazen, crazy, but effective. I now most certainly know about the game's release, and I actually feel quite warmly towards it.

Later on in the mag, an advert for the same product. Would you even notice it?


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, that was briliant. I once heard about an interview that a music journalist did with some hard-rockin'-drug-takin'-bad-ass-mother-trucker (not Eubank, obviously). It went a bit like this:

"what you staring at?"

"You, you cunt"

*Bad-ass headbutts journalist*

Anonymous said...

Anyone who takes on Chris Eubanks as a brand ambassador is probably as unhinged as he is.

Anonymous said...

That's a bit racist...

Anonymous said...

How is that racist? Everyone knows Chris Eubanks is a bit nuts, that's why he's so popular now he's not a boxer.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:12 –
Come again? Surely you're the racist assuming that I use the term "unhinged" exclusively for black people?

Anonymous said...

Score one for authenticity in the post-advertising age.

Anonymous said...

poll suggestion: what makes a creative director a "good" or "effective" creative director.

Anonymous said...

Yo, Scamp. Just seen the Cannes shortlist.

Did BBH not enter your Levi's stuff?

Scamp said...

They did. Can't deny it - I'm gutted.