Thursday, May 29, 2008

Photography Competition - Results

While I was away on holiday, I asked Scamp readers to send in an image on the theme of "Advertising".

There were 86 entries, many of them great.

Here are the winners, chosen by me, Scowling A.D. and super-sub Alastair Merry.

3rd Place

"Looks like Clemmow Hornby Inge are having a refit" says David Bradbury, who took this shot.

2nd Place

This one is from Stefan Hawes, in Vancouver. "One senses a feeling of uncertainty as they put up the primary awning", he writes, "leading them to hedge their bets with the secondary trim. 'Holy crap. What if there aren't enough dancers out there?'


"Advertising's all about believing" is the simple but undeniably true comment that accompanied this entry from English Tim.

Agree with the verdict? Disagree?

Personally, I love that 'Believe Believe' shot.

In our line of work we promise people so much, and so often... and so rarely with any originality.

Good stuff, guys. I'll be contacting you about your prizes shortly.


Anonymous said...

Yup. Winner.

Believe Believe is what advertising is about JUST BELIEVE OUR LIES

I'd love to see a busy street with all the ads having that line.

Monotonous repetition of a command. Like brainwashing. BELIEVE

Anonymous said...

Guinness used to have believe as its endline. All the ads were shit. Remember that shit one with the moths? Probably not. Or the shit one with the mustang? That was shit. Or the shit one with the game of shinty? That was REALLY shit.

Anonymous said...

Publicis Conseil have just made the most beautiful ad for Orange since I can remember. Truly something to make your day no matter how bitter you are. Go to youtube and search Orange Rewind City. Bliss.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but it's just nicked from vodafone.

Anonymous said...

How we flatter ourselves when for the most part we're just old hacks dancing to the tune of talentless knoobs (clients) to make a buck. At least some of us can laugh at ourselves and have learned to live with this knowledge. And you don't have too wear a suit every day.

Anonymous said...

The photography is clearly brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Mars rebranded all their Mars Bars to be Believe Bars for the last World Cup. We were knocked out in the quarter finals. I believed, and now feel cheated and violated. I will never believe anything Mars has to say again.

Anonymous said...

Well done English Tim, keep AngloEspanol relations flying. I knew you'd make it.

Anonymous said...

Chachi cool, seƱor Tim!