Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Ad Blog Charts For January 2008

Here are the world's most popular ad blogs, as measured by traffic rankings from Alexa.

Top 25 Ad Blogs (world
1     (1)AdRants31,260
2     (2)Advertising/Design Goodness      52,627
3     (3)Duncan's TV Ad Land63,630
4     (6)Bannerblog69,745
5     (8)Adland79,875
6     (4)AdFreak80,612
7     (4)Adverblog82,263
8     (8)Adverbox93,417
9     (11)Coloribus122,744
10   (9)Copyranter129,377
11   (new)10ad    131,761
12   (10)Logic + Emotion136,131
13   (12)AdPulp190,096
14   (13)Jaffe Juice275,443
15   (14)Ad Punch310,215
16   (15)Experience Curve341,196
17   (20)AdScam359,453
18   (17)Agency Spy374,408
19   (23)BrandFlakes for Breakfast440,806
20   (18)Adliterate441,659
21   (16)Twenty Four445,174
22   (22)Crackunit454,556
23   (24)Scamp466,129
24   (21)How Advertising Spoiled Me470,943
25   (19)Behind The Buzz473,036

An ↑ means a blog's traffic has gone up by 15% or more in the past month, and a ↓ means it's gone down 15%.

Top 10 UK Ad Blogs (world
1   (1)Adliterate441,659
2   (2)Crackunit454,556
3   (3)Scamp466,129
4   (5)Faris482,956
5   (4)Welcome To Optimism        622,371
6   (6)Only Dead Fish1.1m
7   (7)Fish N Chimps1.1m
8   (8)TV's Worst Adverts1.1m
9   (re-)Serendipity Book1.9m
10  (new)Lunar.BBDO1.9m

A first appearance on the chart for my friends over at Lunar.BBDO. Okay, so their agency is not as famous as W&K, but their blog is much more interesting. Have a look.

UK means UK-based. Ad blog means ad blogs not marketing blogs, so that excludes Gapingvoid. Although Paul Colman is now a planner at W&K (how’s it going, Paul? Your blog seems to be locked at the moment) he doesn't class Life In The Middle as an ad blog and Russell Davies no longer blogs about advertising, although his Campaign column continues to be utterly brilliant. I'm only counting English language blogs.

If I've missed anyone out, please tell me and I'll put them in next time.


Anonymous said...

Bonjour Scamp,

I don't blog anymore (I finally noticed that I wasn't actually saying anything worth saying).

Although if I did still blog I would obviously be high up in charts, so I should probably still get a mention.

Ten four.
Paul H. Colman.

RachelC said...

Interesting as how my actual traffic has at least doubled since i first appeared on here but my ranking goes down, I guess everyone is getting more visitors. By the way, I'm now UK based.

Scamp said...

Paul - you had plenty worth saying, and will be missed. I will find a way to keep mentioning your blog, in memoriam.

Rachel - everyone IS getting more visitors. Also, Alexa is rather inaccurate in that it only measures visits from people who have the Alexa toolbar installed, who tend to be techies and bloggers. So a blog that is more popular with a general audience than it is with bloggers and techies could have an artificially low ranking.

Anonymous said...

Scamp, agree with you on Lunar BBDO's blog - always interesting.

While Weiden and Kennedy's is tedious beyond belief. You've got to do abit more than show your own ads and your kerrazy office away days!

Alan Wolk said...

I noticed you didn't include Copyblogger, which usually ranks #1 or 2 on the Ad Age Power 150 in the US

Fascinating site especially when you realize how popular it is.

PS: Congrats to Lunar & interesting about Alexa rankings - I'm surprised anyone in adland has that installed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Scamp.

In truth, I might start blogging again somewhere else, about something else, we'll see. Maybe about how tedious life is at W+K (joke, if you're reading, Neil).

Anonymous said...

"Tedious beyond belief"? Clearly we need to dial up the crazy on those awaydays in order to have something more exciting to report.

Funny how the slaggers are always anonymous.

George Parker said...

The AdAge Power 150 is really strange. Adscam goes up and down all the time but by HUNDREDS of positions. Fucking weird. Anyway most of these rankings are not very accurate (except yours CHIMP he said, rapidly kissing arse) What counts is the millions of dollars I get from writing AdScam... That's known as fucking SARCASM for any American readers. Still If you can nudge me up the SCAMP ranking, the check will be in the mail. That's known as LIES.

Anonymous said...

Hi Scamp,

my current Alexa rating is 449,869. Would you be so kind and check " The Kaiser Edition" the next time you put this list together.


Scamp said...

Will do.

Have linked to you also.

Anonymous said...

Thanks and I've returned the link love. Of course.

Anonymous said...

Hullo Scamp. We're relatively new - but according to Alexa, we seem to be doing alright.

Would you mind having a look and letting us know ( at whether we might be admitted, perchance?

Ta everso.

Scamp said...

Nice blog James. I've added you to my blogroll and will factor your ranking into future charts.

Anonymous said...

Thanking you most kindly ...


Anonymous said...

Did you know that Dave Trott has started a blog?
It's on the cst website:

Unknown said...

What is this all about? I think it's an ad person. Is it you?