Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tuesday Tip - Your Idea Has To Be 120%

I owe this one to Andrew Fraser, formerly of DDB London, now ECD at Rapier.

I once showed an idea to Andrew - I think it was a print ad for The Guardian - and what he said was: "Yes, it's fine, it's good, it works."

But his tone of voice was a 'no'.

I asked what the problem was.

He replied: "Your idea has to be 120%, to survive the weakening."

I learned a good lesson that day. Here is a diagram of what I think he meant.

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RFB said...

"...to survive the weakening."

What a great way to put it.

Anonymous said...

In order to survive 'weakening' of the scale apparently described in your diagram, your idea would have to be approximately 210%

Apologies for interrupting your little marketing circle-jerk with anything as mundane as logic or rationality.

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