Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tuesday Tip - Read Iain's Tips

It would be remiss of me - nay, positively neglectful - if I failed to include The Seven Deadly Sins Of Digital (by Iain Tait from his Crackunit blog) as part of my Tuesday Tips series.

To be a successful creative you need more than just talent, Converse trainers, and the hide of a bullet-proofed rhinoceros.

You also need knowledge. Not a lot. But some.

And the most important knowledge you need is a comprehensive knowledge of what has already been done.

Why? Quite simply, so you know what not to do.

Iain Tait's 7 Deadly Sins is a wonderful primer for that. Make sure you've read it.

Tip No.21 - Don't Behave
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Tip No.2 - Should You Take A Bad Job?
Tip No.1 - Don't Overpolish


Lunar BBDO said...

Lunarbbdo agrees with this so wholeheartedly we actually went to the trouble of creating a crossword that tests such knowledge. Check it out at http://lunarbbdo.blogspot.com/
entry for Weds 11th July 2007 or at Creativity Online where they forced us to print the answers.

Anonymous said...

knowing everything is a mandatory good idea. naivete will only get you so far. but it's also important to understand that all the big brush strokes (strongest appeals) have been done. but that shouldn't discourage you from doing them in a fresh way.

just being an ad archivist is tiresome.