Friday, June 29, 2007

Sin Of Omission - Now Rectified

In my run-through of the very fine creative directors we have here at BBH, I forgot to include Alex & Adrian, which is very bad.

However, this now gives me an excuse to post their Lynx 'Billions' ad, which is very good.

p.s. Marc Hatfield and Pete Bradly are great too.

As are Steve & Ian, Paul & Adrian, Brad & Dan, Dale & Hamish, Chris & Gary, Wes & Gary, Steve & Justin, Ben & Nadine, Richard & Graham, Claudia & Verity, Jim & Toby, Matt & Dave, Vic & Will, Mark Reddy, Richard & Andy, Chalu & Glenn.

And all the Planners and Account Handlers.

And Project Management.

And TV.

And everybody else.

Absolutely everybody in the building, with no one missed out.

That should do it...


SchizoFishNChimps said...

Are these Lynx ads as fun to make as they are to watch?

Charles Edward Frith said...

C'mon. I just watched the ad. I should get a mention.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Toby Allen and Jim Hilson (well you weren't exactly, but that's not the point) Please pass on my admiration of the RS6 'Gymnasts' film. It made a dry subject very moist and put the work produced by competitors (one of which I work on) to shame.

Thanks & warm regards, Graham Bravery