Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Ad Blog Charts For June 2007

Here are the world's most popular ad blogs, as measured by traffic rankings from Alexa.

Top 25 Ad Blogs (world
1     (new)Houtlust2,769
2     (1)AdRants18,173
3     (2)Advertising/Design Goodness  36,164
4     (5)Adverbox61,129
5     (3)AdFreak63,841
6     (4)Adverblog64,913
7     (6)Logic + Emotion90,542
8     (8)Coloribus99,458
9     (new)Duncan's TV Ad Land109,208
10   (7)Adland130,410
11   (9)Ad Punch141,768
12   (10)Jaffe Juice160,892
13   (11)AdPulp170,412
14   (13)Copyranter193,799
15   (12)Twenty Four213,048
16   (14)Experience Curve269,124
17   (16)How Advertising Spoiled Me293,153
18   (18)AdScam300,520
19   (new)AdArena303,179
20   (15)Beyond Madison Avenue336,889
21   (19)Make The Logo Bigger360,726
22   (21)Welcome To Optimism394,562
23   (17)Hee-Haw Marketing414,128
24   (20)Advertising For Peanuts421,817
25   (22)American Copywriter455,291

Three new blogs this month.

In with a bullet at No.1 is Houtlust, a site I've only just become aware of but which is massively popular - even bigger than Adrants. It covers communications for not-for-profit advertisers. Must be a highly valuable resource for people in that sector I would say.

In at No.9 is Duncan's TV Ad Land. Duncan Macleod is an advertising enthusiast who lives in Australia. He keeps a very detailed record of what he considers to be the best new work, with commentary too. For a while I wasn't sure whether to class it as a blog or not, but he does post every day, so why not?

Coming in at No.19 is the fast-rising AdArena, from Radovan Grezo and his team in Slovakia, again covering 'best of new work', with a specific emphasis on new media, guerrilla and viral campaigns. Radovan sent me a wonderfully complimentary e-mail about Raining Time, so I'm happy to welcome him to the chart.

So three blogs drop out of the chart - Scamp, Hidden Persuader and BrandFlakes for Breakfast.

An ↑ means a blog's traffic has gone up by 15% or more in the past month, and a ↓ means it's gone down 15%.

Top 10 UK Ad Blogs (world
1   (2)Welcome To Optimism  394,562
2   (4)FishNChimps516,586
3   (3)Scamp536,700
4   (5)Adliterate749,555
5   (6)Living Brands799,790
6   (8)Faris987,096
7   (9)Northern Planner1.3m
8   (new)Meme Huffer2.4m
9  (10)What If...2.7m
10  (7)Beeker3.7m

I've removed AdScam from the UK chart, as I've belatedly realised that George Parker is based in the US, so he doesn't count. Fun blog though.

New in at No.8 this month is Meme Huffer by Jason Lonsdale, a Kiwi planner transplanted to London. He keeps an enjoyable and eclectic blog, with the tagline "a deep breath of ideas, culture & stuff".

UK means UK-based. Ad blog means ad blogs not marketing blogs, so that excludes Gapingvoid. Paul Colman doesn't class Life In The Middle as an ad blog and Russell Davies claims he no longer blogs about advertising, though the odd observation about our benighted industry does creep in. Also, I'm only counting English language blogs.

If I've missed anyone out, please tell me and I'll put them in next month.


Anonymous said...

Hi, stupid from me to tell :-), but Alexa isn't always a good tool.
Alexa takes the traffic from the whole domain. In my case Houtlust is part of a group blog tool at xs4all.nl. So the Alexa ranking is for that domain not only for my blog.

Anonymous said...

hey scamp, did you know that you're one letter away from eternal salvation! that would boost the traffic.


Anonymous said...

hello Scamp

three UK ad blogs that would have been there or there abouts this month according to alexa (so one would presume next month, too):

Punk Planning (charlesfrith.blogspot.com)
Planning for Fun
Only Dead Fish...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the add Scamp. Like Houtlust, my Alexa rating comes from the combined effect of Duncan's TV, Duncan's Print, Duncan's Music Videos and Duncan's Interactive, plus a few posts on Shakespeare in film. I guess you could say I run them as a blog together. You were wondering whether or not to call Duncans TV a blog. It started out like many others with small posts. It seems the majority of readers are average TV viewers from the public who were interested in the behind-the-scenes information - who plays who and who sings what. I figured that I could host the blog that provided links to the people behind the scenes...

SchizoFishNChimps said...

Wahey, 2nd in the UK charts, proving that Star Wars (in a Woolies ad) is a greater draw than smut.
I wasn't aware of houtlust. Since you've featured it, I've had a look - some superb stuff there.
Good work Scamp.

George Parker said...

Yeah... AdScam is a US blog... But it's written by a BRIT... Anyway, you should check out my UK blog... MadScam" that I write for BrandRepublic... Problem is, they don't have individual url's for each blog, you have to go to their blog page and click on MadScam. They say they're going to fix it when they get back from the pub.

Anonymous said...

Hey Scamp,

Not sure if I count but I'm from the UK with a current Alexa of 1.6m

Cheers, Ian.

Mrs Belmot said...

In fairness to others, I've not been featured here but in many ways (metaphorically and literally) I'm number one.

Time after time I find MY blog the best place to go for innovative thinking and cutting edge bacon delivery methods.

It's a "must-read" for me, and I write it! Ha ha!

Trivia: my word verification code to post this comment is "jvozh"