Wednesday, June 27, 2007

3 New Planning Blogs

A commenter on yesterday's chart introduces me to three new planning blogs.

You may well ask - 'Does the world need another planning blog?'

Well, apparently the answer is yes, because all three of these are quite popular.

Neil Perkin is a big strategic cheese at magazine group IPC, and his thought-provoking blog Only Dead Fish (short for 'only dead fish swim with the water') offers "Thoughts on media, communications, planning, magazines and life". Today he features a rather nifty chart of webtrends.

Planning For Fun, from agency planner Graeme Douglas, is a nicely personal planning blog. A recent project for Cravendale gave Graeme the excuse to post the famous 'Accrington Stanley' milk ad, which I guess gives me an excuse to post it as well.

Charles Frith's Punk Planning is not nearly as nihilistic as the name might suggest, but consists instead of an intelligently-written take on current events in the world of communications and the world in general. A recent post asks 'Is Blogging The New Tamagotchi?' Check him out.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention Scamp. Nice too (I think) to be called a strategic cheese.

Doug said...

ditto. a privilege to get a mention over here.

PS - say hello to Nick Kendall for me :-)

cheers scamp

SchizoFishNChimps said...

These are all excellent blogs, each with their own distinct character and voice. It's good to see that planning blogs can be as varied as creative blogs.

Charles Edward Frith said...

Just got back from Edinburgh and catching up. Many thanks for the mention and I'd also like to say that Doug's and Neil's blogs are tip top choices.

Anonymous said...

A guide to planning.
1) Simply disagree with what the last person just said. Whatever it is.
2) Talk with utter conviction despite what you say being nothing more than ill-informed opinion based on personal taste & experience (actually this applies to all advertising disciplines).
3) Wear glasses.
4) Say the word "Digital" a lot.
5) Always say something in a meeting. Preferably the word "Digital."
6) Steeple your hands together in front of you when someone else talks.
7) "Win" arguments in meetings by talking louder and for a longer time than the peson you disagree with.