Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday Tip No.20 - How To Discuss Ideas

Your idea... it is shit
Oh no, mine is good, I think you'll find it is yours that is shit

This next tip for young creatives is an expansion of a point in Tip No.9 - Working Well With Your Partner, that seemed to strike a chord.

Never say 'no' to one of his ideas. People hate being told no. Instead just say 'yes' in an unconvinced sort of tone. This one really works! Avoid hours and hours worth of arguments!

You see, in discussing ideas (or brainstorming, if you must, although the word sounds like David Brent will be there) they always tell you 'be positive - you should never say no to anything.' But they don't tell you what you should say.

Here's my guide.

What You Want To SayHow To Say It
Brilliant! You've cracked it!I like it. I like it a lot.
Good, but I think we can do better. Good.
Strategically sound, but not very interesting.(neutral tone) Yes, that works.
Interesting, but strategically unsound. (neutral tone) Interesting.
There may be something good in there, but right now it doesn't work at all. Interesting, worth developing.
Off-brief, and pretty dull. (neutral tone) Uh-huh.
Wildly off-brief. Say that one again?
Still wildly off-brief. Okay, I get it now.
Incredibly boring. OK.
Rambling, dull, and uninspiring. Shall we break for lunch?

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onewomanrunning said...


Positivity - I was struggling with a partner and I did try this, but all I got back from her on my ideas was a face. She used to look like a dog had tried to lick her. In the end it was too disheartening and so I reverted to negativity. Not good I know, but there was only so much of that 'ick face that I could take.

And no, we didn't last the distance.

Anonymous said...

If I'd follow this advice I'd be at lunch the whole day ;)

Stanley Johnson said...

"Yes, that works" has always worked for me.