Friday, April 20, 2007

Mother Placement Competition - The Final Three

I've written before about the competition for Bucks students to win a placement at Mother.

The challenge was to produce a YouTube film, with the original idea being that whoever got the most views would win the placement.

Here are the final three.

The Meat-Off - 7,443 views

Belly Dancers - 1,928 views

Cheap Thrills - 1,151 views

I hear that Mother may now be making the final decision based on 'creative quality' and not number of views. Shame. I rather liked the purity of 'most virally viral wins'.


Lacan Dropu said...

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Anonymous said...

That's not fair. If they had known it was do the most creative piece of work AND get the most views, maybe they would have done something different.

Anonymous said...

Changing the rules half way through is wrong. Plain and simple. That said , what else could they do when the creative that fits Mother's tone and place in the world came last. Congratulations Cheap Thrills, I predict you have a placement

Anonymous said...

Yes but how else will they ensure that the 2 fit girls in the 2nd video get the placement as I predicted before?

Anonymous said...

the second and third one are cool. Creative and cute. The first one, however, is boring and stupid. I don't understand why so many people watched it.